The world feels real but it isn't

When I was sick not only did I believe - correctly as it turns out - that the shared world was unreal, but it felt unreal. The simulation has clearly improved since then, and kudos to the demi urge, but reason remains clear on this point, the world is a delusion, and a recent one at that.


Prove me that the world beeing an illusion matters…

I can’t, but I’m frankly obsessed with the issue.

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It would be good for you to think about what isn´t an illusion, to be able to know better what an illusion is?

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I’m obsessed as well 666/999

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Yeah it is an illusion and even when you think its reality, it can be just as terrifying.

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Terrifying, but at times so hiperreal it is hilarious.

Odd that not everyone is obsessed.

If The Earth inside The Universe, ‘Feels’ Real, And it Can Be Touched, Then it Must Be Real.

If I don’t pay my rent, real soon, I’ll get kicked out, That’s what’s real to me.


Hardly an explanation!

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How do you know this “touching” bridges the gap between self and non-self?

Doesn’t matter in the end.

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It doesn’t matter whether we’re awake or asleep?

Self, is Self Explanatory. I Think Therefore I Am. I Was Born. I Was a Baby Once. Held in My Mother’s Arms. Now, As She Has Crossed Over into Unknown Territory. Not Witnessed By Us Humans Here On Earth. She is Still She. And I Am Still Me. Buried, or Born Again. Both of Us Still Exist. And Will Always Exist. Be it in Memory. Or Be it in a Different Reality.

Self, Thinks to Reach For a Pencil to Draw a Picture. So Self Grabs The Pencil And Draws a Unicorn. The “bridge” is Not Far. It is Everywhere. Like a Breeze. Felt By The Senses. A Reality That Cannot Be Dissolved. It is Invisible. In Which Doesn’t Make it Come From The Imagination. And Even if There Was No, “touching” as You Say. Even The Mind is a Field of Poppy Seeds. There is No Gap Anywhere. Breath is Jus as Real as a Thought.

No Bridge.

The World Feels Real Because it is.

Do you have any proof of this?

I Jus Quote Myself And You. As We Are Communicating Online. Proof. And a “bridge”.

That’s not a proof, that’s an assertion demanding proof.

Nobody is going to win. You have a mental illness. If you want to prove we are not real, become a physicist and prove it…

Hello Again. I Jus Quoted You, @NotSeksoEmpirico Again. You Are a Human Being Online. Communicating With Me With Letters on a Computer Screen. A “touch” As You Like to Say. I Quoted You Again. And I Say Once Again, Proof.

I Am Here.

And You Are There.

And Here We All Are.

Not, “demanding for proof”, Showing You Proof.

There’s a Difference Yo.