Neither here nor there

I sometimes get the sense that us schizophrenics are not totally living or are present in this reality/plane/dimension. I sometimes feel that I am in between 2 different planes or dimensions - I sometimes feel that my spirit is torn apart between 2 different worlds - this world or reality and a more spiritual world. I am neither here nor there, but stuck in between


I feel something like that. I truely believe that we are the ones who experiencing the true and actual reality. That everyone else is living in a false reality. I mean, think about it. We see and hear things others can’t. We know things other don’t. If you read about it in a comic book you would think it was a super power.

There are many different realities in life. It can vary from person to person, from situation to situation. Look at WW II, Germany was positive that they were superior and needed to conquer and run the world. That was reality to them. The U.S. and it’s allies did not buy that and two realities clashed. Reality is relative. As long as I act normal and don’t bring negative attention to myself I can live in the so-called “normal” world. But when I’m with a schizophrenic friend, things are a little more relaxed. I’m the stealth “normie”. Sorry for veering off-topic.

I totally agree with you proof - we could be the “normal” ones

I am always looking into myself, asking myself what is the true reality - mine or theirs. Maybe there is no simple answer to this. We all make our own reality I guess. The lines between normal and delusional get blurred many times.
I mean to me Religion is the biggest “accepted” delusion of them all. Society barely questions the sanity of mainstream religious followers or leaders. But they question and single out “delusional” schizophrenics every living moment - makes no sense if you think about it

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When I first started hearing voices I was convinced that I had developed sonic hearing and I was listening to the neighbors and as the voices multiplied I was convinced that I could hear everyone in the city.