People Think I am crazy because

Regardless of whether I have a psychotic disorder, this is what I think is going down in the world.

Ok so Bush and Reagan were the dudes who decided to create a New World Order. Keys factors of population control would be dependence on international goods, and in order to control the international goods they created a plan for world dominance, possibly, and that’s why they took down the twin towers or center of international trade agreements and who controlled the network of supply and demand. So once they went down, led by our allies in Israel the two-teamed up to elect the mafia leaders of our governments. The center of this is Europe and the controllers are spread out at each western and eastern world power which has bank investments so when they say the bank controls the world, it’s because it was the easiest way for them to network control between government entities and people. I don’t know enough to take my own position merely the fact that people have been lied to and that these operations were carried out in secret might be a clue to the ■■■■ we’re all in.

Hillary is the only one who stood up to it and that is why she backed off the TPP, because she knew it was her job to end the NWO and she’s probably going to be the leader of the Illuminati but guess who the President is and no one will listen to her but she’s the one we need right now because she actually get its. She had a secret meeting with the Russian President and she told him no to his face and I know this because I was getting visions three years ago and I used Echovox and started hearing distinct words and phrases and a female and male voice yeah this is why I am nuts.

Trump will sell us out to the Russians and Bernie who knows he’s a socialist if Bernie gets elected he will actually get rid of the middle class and he will help the poor so that everyone can live again so there is that for Bernie. Trump will bankrupt America and he is like the Hitler of the NWO like Putinx4 I will not vote for him no matter how sweet he tries to sound he is a liar and a fool. He will keep America safe though. If Trump wins, he will keep the US safe but he will go after the Middle Class actually. While Hillary will not change much of the economics but no one will be unable to afford to run their cars and she will not be the best at keeping us safe from terrorism because of her history.

If Hillary wins we will go to war with Russia because she stood up to Putin and the New World Order.

If Bernie wins we will have no middle class and America will be richer but it will no longer be America because he will create socialist corporatism and it’s just stupid because he’ll sell us out like Trump he is almost like half democrat half republican two faced and when he is almost done with his third term he is going to resign anyways. His economics could be deadly.

But I would vote for Hillary just because she said screw war and screw mind control and free America!

I would vote Trump after Hillary because I think he is a safer bet than anyone else. Which is kind of funny, because Trump is going to win the republicans so if he does and Hillary is not on the ballot I refuse to vote for anyone else.

Hillary was like ■■■■ Putin and ■■■■ the NWO and I don’t want millions of more people dying on my watch!

I mean the secret government will screw her over though, and she isn’t powerful enough to take down the illuminati shadow government, she will speak and all those idiots hear is how is that going to make me rich because we have a schizophrenic government that is so dumb it thinks people are going to fold for this.

I mean she is a brave woman but I wish she was more powerful like Trump, and had all that money because she isn’t rich like him and he could really screw things up.

i hope you are feeling bettter today :heart:
take care :alien:

Yes…you done

By any chance do you self identify as a targeted individual?

Yeah mind control and war sucks but I wouldn’t vote for Hillary just for that.

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You may want to lay off the conspiracy theory sites. They can make a person sick (paranoid).


I think we must rally the people behind arnold.

I know he isn’t running but that doesn’t mean we can’t all vote for him.

We must have the terminator in office. Everyone should write him in.

■■■■ all of this! Terminator 2016!

Just remember. There are no elections. The interdimensionals run this ■■■■. They sit at the very tip top of the earth, they choose their closest and they are the second tier. Thats how it works down here.

None can stand in the way of the interdimensional’s plans for earth. It’s always just been them and their people.

When you go to vote though people just write in arnold schwarzeneggar. We must have the terminator, come with him if you want to live.

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Well I have not been taking my medication and I have been a little manic to be honest.

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