I'm terrified and I have no idea why

I don’t know why I feel this way, but every time this person uses an aggressive tone of voice I get really scared and anxious. I often look at her eyes to see if she’s mad. When this happens I often find myself extremely terrified. I know she cares about me and all, but I honestly have no idea why I’m terrified of her? I just want to hide in a hole and never come out. I just keep thinking I’m a huge burden and I’m really ashamed of being sick because they have to pay for my care all the time. They shouldn’t have to suffer because of a sick person like me.

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You may be sick, but your her sick baby. She wanted you. So that’s why your here.

I’m shaking because I was afraid when she yelled. She said she wasn’t angry but I’m terrified nonetheless.

Yesterday i was terrified
because a car was following me

A raised voice is terrifying, whether intentionally or not.

But people have mood swings. I know I do when I’m mentally unstable.

I often worry that my existence is harming my family. I’m terrified of my own existence. I don’t want to harm my family any longer.

I also don’t want the same pain of my childhood to reoccur. I don’t want to be in pain again. Ever.


I get ya… I feel afraid of being sad, and I tend to avoid things that might trigger depression too. It really sucks.

But you have to appreciate the time that your remotely feeling better, and when that time comes, you can share your happiness and health to the ones you love.

Important thing is when you can! When you feel good. I think that itself can make the people you love happy, even if that is only like 5 minutes.

Their your family they will remember those good times. Even you don’t. Parents and fams do that. It’s so weird lol

How would your existence harm your family? Nobody’s existence harms their family.

In life, some pain is unavoidable.

I’m studying again and my family has to provide tuition and stuff for me. I can’t do that myself…
Including medical expenses, caregiving, etc. I’m a huge burden just by existing.

When people decide to have children, most of them know that it comes with a lot of expenses.