I'm tempted to go off meds

Even if I got psychotic I’d at least feel more. I miss feeling more. And the meds take away some of my ability to feel. But I probably won’t do it. At least for a while. I’m gonna try to quit medication some time in the future after I’ve been stable or a long time. Just needed to vent.


It’s a relatable feeling.
When I was on heavier meds, I was too numb to feel anything. I cried once in two years!
It can be really frustrating

I understand what your saying. Best of luck!

I haven’t cried a single time the 1.5 years I’ve been on meds.

I know the feeling @magz
But please hang in there.
Coming off of all your meds is not a viable solution.

Talk with your psychiatrist about other solutions.

Took me 6 years to find the right med. Was in the hospital twice a year or every 6 months before that. I hate hospitals now. No use for me there. Vraylar helped me. Latuda is working now too.

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Don’t quit your meds without a drs approval. But you might talk your pdoc into letting you try. They can monitor you that way

Cogentin gave me pleasure so did supplements. It takes time. Exercise and caffeine gives me euphoria.

I totally understand the feeling. I go through similar feelings. Stay strong.

Don’t do it without a doctor. :deer::deer::deer: