I'm officially off meds

Yeeeeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:

This will be fun???

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I know that you have positive symptoms anyway, but it’s still probably a good idea to taper off with a docs supervision so that you don’t get side effects. I’d hate to see things get worse than they already are.


I was on the injection so it tapered off anyway

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Well good luck. It’s too bad your meds were not doing the trick for you. I hate to see someone just have to accept delusions and hallucinations.


Dude you are nowhere near stable enough to go off meds.

Please get some meds or talk to your care provider about prescribing some that may work


I think I’m OK. I just had a hiccup because of the hearing with my ex. I bounced back.
I’ve tried almost every AP they work for maybe a couple months at most.

its none of your business ngl

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Their comment didn’t offend me. This is a support thread and support isnt always about saying someone is doing the right thing.

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Honestly thats really offensive


i see but its honestly a personal thing whether to take meds or not

Yes, and it’s also not for you to decide if their comment was unwelcome on my thread.


why always be so hateful?

How am I being hateful?

its obvious i meant well

That… doesn’t answer my question.

At any rate, I didn’t think you weren’t meaning well, but that doesn’t mean I’m being hateful for letting you know you can’t decide for me which comment is and isn’t welcomed

yes but its honestly very offensive towards me

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OK well I’m sorry for offending you.

Let’s get back on topic.

I appreciate that.
I care about you, and it worries me to see you decline medications after you’ve been falling apart for weeks.

I’d hate for anything to happen to you

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Honestly I’m dead anyway so what does it matter?