Wanting to go off my meds but won't

Anybody ever say “It’d be cool if I could go off my meds”

I had so much more fun off my meds. I used to come up with so much philosophical stuff, now my thinking is kind of dulled.

I’m doing really well so won’t but there’s a voice in the back of my head that yearns to go off my meds.

I was so much more creative and whatnot off my meds I feel.

Maybe I could write a book if I went off my meds.

But I won’t. Just wanted to share that I’m having these thoughts.

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I have the same thoughts all the time. I miss alcohol

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I know it sounds crazy, but I kind of miss the psych ward. I have nostalgia about being in the psych ward. The only bad thing about the psych ward is it’s hard to make meaningful relationships and whatnot when you’re psychotic.

I have no nostalgia about being in rehab (for alcohol), but I do about the psych ward. There’s cool people there and fun groups sometimes.

Difficult times too. I’ve been to nice psych wards and really shitty ones, and don’t really miss the shitty ones, but the nice ones are cool. LOL I must be crazy.


I debated seriously with myself last year about going off my meds and talked to my doc, who said to try gradually reducing them under his supervision. I was able to tell within 3 or 4 days that I couldn’t handle the irrational emotions and the stress! So that was the end of that.

Moral of the story is, I guess, to follow standard operating procedures.


Not too long ago - a couple of months - I, or should I say we - my doctor and I thought that it would be a good idea for me to go as low as possible on the Risperdal dose.

There was a part of me that thought that I could manage to be off of my antipsychotic for good - Boy was I wrong.
I started to mood cycle very bad and felt out of control - so I started to go back up on my meds - now I am on 3.25 mg and going down to 3 mg in a couple of days, because I find the Risperdal too activating over 3 mg.

What pisses me off is my pdoc blames me for going below a sub therapeutic dose of the Risperdal - but who in the ■■■■ wrote out the prescriptions and gave me the OK to reduce my dose to dangerously low levels?

The Moral of the story is - Dont ■■■■ with your meds, if you know what is good for you.
I am shooting for lower doses but within the therapeutic range - No going really low for me again

I’ve had these thoughts but my partner and doctor keep me from ever trying. They tell me its dangerous for me to give up my meds.

As a warning to people thinking about this-the rate of relapse for people with sz who suddenly drop medication is over 70%.

Antipsychotics do not cure you of your illness, it does not just go away after you take them for a certain amount of time. It will come back…with a vengeance…not to mention the withdrawal issues…I’ve read of so many families who had to go through the exhausting and stressful effort to deal with sz family members who dropped their meds and went fully psychotic again…

As awful as they are, if you’re unhappy with your medication and want to get off of it, talk about it with your pdoc. They can gradually lower your dosage so you can be taken off of it safely.

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I can’t tolerate the meds I’m on, so I’m in a catch 22. The stuff I’m on is the only one that works. But I can’t tolerate it any longer. So I’m desperate, I start to think that maybe I’ll be in the lucky few who actually recover if I stop taking it. A pretty hellish existence.

i hate all my symptoms from sz and side effects from meds but thats why i take them,

i’d love to go symptom free off meds though,

that is my main goal

i think i’ll know when the time is right as i have very good insight in to my condition.

and i think i am improving or recovering all the time,

just the anxiety problem that is going to be a lot harder to recover from i think.

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