Im suicidal and im not a troll

i wish to have more replies with my post:

help me please.

thank you!

Go to ER. They can help you.

Nobody here is a proffessional, we can’t do much more than “listen” to you. If that is what you need, write about yourself. But if you are suicidal you must go to ER and tell them how it is.


“Better a near neighbour than a distant cousin.”

Remember, though, life is a precious gift from God.


I’m sorry - we can’t really do much for people who are suicidal here. All we can do is direct you to good resources - which people have done already.

Here are some more posts that you might find helpful: Generally we don’t allow suicide posts here because we can’t do anything for people directly and since we don’t really know who you are we can’t call anyone to help you, etc.

You’ve got to make the effort yourself. The important thing to realize is that many people here have gone through the same feelings before - but didn’t act on those feelings and are doing better now. You will be the same - but you need to get help.

Call or seek out help as quickly as you can.

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talk to someone it really helps.

Private message me if noone is talking to you.

@airframe…get yourself checked into psych hospital…you need to get more therapy.

Are you alright? @airframe

If I were depressed or suicidal, I would want to be able to talk about my thoughts and feel heard, express art and writing, meet new healthier influences, and do it without feeling isolated or on lockdown.

That’s why if, say, you went to the ER and they turned you away you would have other options. Is there anyone, a family member or friend, who would help finance a retreat for you? If you told them that you didn’t want to be locked up, but that you felt suicidal and needed a place to cool down.

I would imagine a relaxing retreat in nature in a support group setting might be another way to relieve depression and thoughts of self-harm than going to the ER.

The good thing about the ER is that they are supposed to be held accountable for your treatment, and if you prove it is a necessity then they will take you in. But if you’re suicidal or depressed sometimes the ER or hospital is the last place you want to be. Hospitals can worsen depression, and if it’s not the best environment medications won’t work as well either.

So if someone is suicidal, I recommend going either to the ER or confiding in a trusted friend or family to help support a plan for a temporary vacation where you can re-evaluate goals and values.

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Suicidal thoughts is a disturbing matter. I’ve been suicidal for months, while on 80mg of Paxil, that obviously isn’t working. There’s always talking to someone, you can go to the ER, and reach out to therapy. I’ve done all three, but they haven’t worked for me. You’ll just end up in a hospital, feeling more confined than you already feel. Medication can work: research Lithium. A drug designed to eliminate suicidal thoughts, though I’ve never been on it. There is hope, and options. Suicidal thoughts can paralyze a person and make the present seem like an endless episode. Just don’t let it.

When I’m feeling bad I call the answering machine of my pdoc.
First thing she says is, “if this is a true medical emergency, call 911 or go to the ER.”

Feeling suicidal fits these criteria, so I follow her recorded advice and am still alive to tell more tales.