I'm still scared my family are clones

What am I supposed to do?

I thought that you were over that delusion? Are you back on it again?

Yes I’m scared again.

Well, your family are not clones. We have been over the reasons why that is not possible before. It is not possible to grow full grown adult clones with personalities. Clones would be babies. And even if they weren’t it would not be possible to insert your families personalities into them to make them appear like your relatives. None of this is possible.

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Why would it not be possible to insert the personality?

Because that’s not currently possible. No one can download and upload the personalities of people. We aren’t hard drives. No one can upload your personality onto a hard drive and then download it into a person. It’s just common sense flowers20. I honestly don’t understand why you need me to explain this to you, it should be obvious. It is not possible for someone to do that.

If it were possible, there would be millions of people clamoring to have themselves uploaded for some kind of immortality. That tech does not exist. You can’t upload and download personalities into peoples brains.

I just read somewhere where they have that tech in theory by a doctor.

They do not. Post a link. Theoretically anything is possible, but that tech is way too advanced for us currently.

I’d like to see the link.

I lost the link. It was based off a movie.

It sounds like a bunch of theoretical nonsense to me. Maybe in a thousand years, if we survive that long.

If that kind of tech existed someone would be making trillions of dollars mass marketing it to the public.

Sounds like you need to stop watching movies or reading sci fi stuff because you believe fiction is real.

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Thanks for helping me out. I need support.

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Support can be telling you the truth. Stay away from that stuff. It’s not doing you any good.

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