Would a clone have the same medical problems

Like heart disease as the original? Just wondering because my dad has heart disease. This didn’t come till after, not born with.

Yes your clone will have sz just like you too.

Don’t worry you are not a clone of your dad lol…

No I was just worried my dad is the clone.

No one is a clone in your family, it’s all good… They don’t do human cloning.

I think they might do it but I think the person would not have heart disease if it was a clone. Because that’s from age and a clone isn’t aged I don’t think. Hard to explain but I don’t think he’s a clone anymore. Making progress!

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Great now I’m thinking it’s still possible somehow.

You do realize cloning was just invented not long ago. A clone would be a baby and have to grow up. The personality would not be the same. Even looks would be iff because looks and personality are affected by environment.


It’s not long ago even though Dolly was made in 1996? That’s considered recent right?

So, your fathers clone would be in his 20s. Not possible to replace him.

I was thinking there was some rapid cloning. That replaces its clone at the age they’re at currently.

Impossible. There’s no technology to rapid age or grow animals or humans.

I told my daughter the other day I’d like to have clones that were each good at something. One for cooking. One for cleaning. One for errands. Etc. Lol

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Ok. I just feel bad that in light of all this I haven’t moved away with someone or somewhere safe. I guess I’m not perfect but I feel bad. But if this is impossible then I guess I shouldn’t worry but I still do.

There’s just conspiracy theories about cloning centers…

Conspiracy theories are just nuts. Stay away from them.

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