Im starting to feel old even though im only 22

I knew about all this and had most of this when i was a kid and now that story made me feel old. Also this story makes me think that kids are either getting dumber or caring less about history. Like even though i wasn’t alive for stuff like 8 track and records and the moon landing and assassinations i still knew what they were and were fascinated by them. I guess that comes from my Father who studies history. But this story gave me a good laugh about how kids these days are so oblivious how society has progressed and made me feel like ive lived through some interesting societal progression. I wish i lived when my parents could follow me all the way to the gate at an airport.


I’m 44 and yup kids have gotten abit lost in historical information.

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that is neat. thank you for sharing Kazuma. :slight_smile:

I always considered you older than me but we are the same age. Good to see you back on the forum!

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Haha thats cool. I just try to be me i guess even if i dont really act my age. Probably because ive lived such a solitary lifestyle in recent years to the point where i can actually mature. I still do dumb young people stuff, like drink booz regularly and still do other things even though im schizoaffective. But i just call it mental difficulties now. Im trying to move past the whole labels thing on mental illness. Theres a lot of “normal” people that need to be on some of the meds ive been on.

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