I'm starting an anti depressant

Not sure what to think about this. Saw my doc today for the first time in about a year (I’ve been in Thailand) and he suggested I try 2.5mg of Lexapro. It’s a small dose but may improve my mood. I’ve been quite down about the illness and my constant internal battle with it and several things that are going on in my life. Maybe this will lighten the load? I’m not sure, I’ve never tried AD’s.

What do yall think?


I take 10 mg of Lexapro and I really like it, I don’t get any side effects from it and it keeps my depression completely under control. Good luck!


I have schizo-affective disorder so I have a depression component. I find cymbalta works best for me even though it’s sort of weak.


It’s common with schizophrenia to have depression. It often feeds or is disguised by negative symptoms and it’s important to try and address both. I think it could help you and there’s only one way to find out and that is take it and try!

Hope you notice some improvement!


How was your holiday in Thailand?

I think I remember you writing that you were going to go.

Hope your medication will help you.
I believe medication can help and does help.

Abilify has antidepressant qualities. I at least have good and bad moods now. Previously on other meds and off meds I was just flat.

My doctor would ask me to rate my mood and I’d say “I don’t have any mood”.

Best of luck with it. I hope it helps.

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I’m not really on holiday there as I live there about 9 months out of the year. Meds help but they aren’t working well enough for me right now :slight_smile:


Hope the new medication Will work well enough.

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Rexulti is great for depression and is an antipsychotic as well.
I haven’t been depression free for my entire life and now I am almost there.
I feel like I’ve entered into a new reality.
The feeling is foreign.


So you are on rexulti? Any side effects?

None so far.
Well, when I started on .5mg it made me a little tired.
But that stopped when I went to 1mg.

I’m starting to feel a little better after 4 days on 2.5mg of Lexapro… good news!