Starting Rexulti soon, looking for experiences on it


Newbie here…

Going to be starting rexulti at my next doc appointment. Just wanted to know what you think about it if you take it. I’m currently on vraylar which works well, but it doesn’t help with depression. I hope that I can lose the weight I have gained on vraylar.


Have you considered taking an antidepressant for depression instead? I don’t know the full reasons for you wanting to switch APs, but if it’s just because of depression, I’d say go for ADs


Everybody reacts differently to the same meds. One person’s miracle cure is another’s poison… So it’s all personal trial and error. I’m not sure anything can be gained from the stories of others.

I wish you luck with it.

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Indeed about AD, u can take them With a AP. If something works Good its a shame to quit. But you do what you want.


I’ve tried all the AD’s except for Maoi’s. Currently taking cymbalta 60mg. Honestly the only thing that works to help my depression is stimulants.


I also want to switch from vraylar because it causes me to have some breathing difficulties since I hit 4.5mg. Otherwise it is a good med.


If rexulti doesn’t work out I would go back to vraylar. I’m just tired of all the years of severe depression. It just gets really old.


i feel ya on the depression side it leads to self harm afterawhile it gets old i beat myself because i cant deal with the depression it seems to be helpfull not saying someone else should use my copeing skills


Oh ok. Yeah some antipsychotics can work for depression ive heard. Good luck.


I used to cut a lot, hate to admit it but it’s a fact of my life. Now I have to look at the scars everyday and be reminded of the madness.


Anyone take this? Aside from helping depression, how is it for psychosis?


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I’m on my 4th day of Rexulti 2 mg, and it’s pretty good for my voices. They’re almost inaudible now, but I still hear a little bit of something that turns into a word or sentence here and there when I’m stressed out.

Currently on 6-9mg Paliperidone and 2 mg Rexulti. Also taking 1000 mg Lion’s Mane and 1-2 grams Inositol Hexanicotinate (no-flush Niacin.)


Thank you.
That is good to hear, I struggle mostly with paranoia and delusions. I’m hoping the transition from vraylar to rexulti will not be difficult. Both are so new there really isn’t much on the web about either.


[quote=“nfy, post:13, topic:154995”]
rexulti spent my first night on this in the ER from side effects dont remeber what the side effects were execpt one that that was nasua i dont remeber the dose either but yea was in the er all night puking sweating