Im somwhere else


im never focusing on the reality of things im always somewhere else in my head.
sometimes I try really hard to focus on things around me then I get really scared and go back somewhere else. what the hell is this?


i’m the opposite. i’m always focusing on the reality. it’s a bugger but it has to be done. what is it about reality that scares you dandy?


the people in it and what to do about trying to interact with them LOL


well there’s not a whole lot wrong with most of the people in it and interacting is easy. it starts with a smile. most people are friendly. all you have to do is smile and say hello. some people are comfortable with silence so you don’t have to talk. i find dog walkers to be the most friendly. do you have a dog? i often stop and chat to regulars i see/ even i’m a little suspicious of a man walking in the woods without a dog but most of them are nice people, although the voices try to male me believe otherwise/ other than that, have you got any interests? any clubs that you would like to go to? any courses you would like to do? there are lots of places you can meet people of like minds as yourself who will be friendly and welcoming. what do you think?


I think I have social anxiety so it isn’t easy for me its incredible painful like standing around thinking I should be doing or saying something but I don’t know what because I was an isolated child so I kind of freeze up and panic. im doing an art course at my mental health day centre and see my therapist once a week
I have two dogs Bernard and maizie labrador and a westhighland terrier.
its dealing with normal people in the normal world I find difficult. I FEEL like they are more judgemental
and unkind. doesn’t mean that’s the case tho.


s’ok dandy, i know how you feel. i used to hear everybody’s voice around me, everywhere i went telling me i was a murderer or that they hated me. i fell for it a couple of times…it kind of petered out as i stopped believing in it. obviously we don’t have the same problem but now it doesn’t bother me. i still hear them from time to time but i don’t let it bother me anymore. you know, normies aren’t so bad if you give them a chance. :smile:


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