Social anxiety issues

I have a lot of social anxiety in certain situations. Most of the time it’s during conversations, mostly attractive women. I don’t understand it, I’ve been through the sulfur of hell and back, and I have problems like this. Tell me if you deal with social anxiety, and if it’s normal.

I have the same issue too, among strange woman. I am good with socializing when i have couple of shots, but being sober is hell. I can pop some ativan, but i try to take less pills as possible.

I have more generalized anxiety, social anxiety sorta dissipated after I had lots of sex and made new friends. I used to get increasingly symptomatic around attractive women. It sucks…tell your doc and get on the benzodiazapine bandwagon

I’ve had social anxiety at church and restaurants usually if I’ve never been there before. I’ve always had difficulty “mingling” at social events and what not. I’m very much introverted and I don’t talk very much unless it’s something I’m really interested in. Back in high school, I would avoid the cafeteria because of all the people. There were many times where I skipped lunch and went to the library.

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I don’t think I have it as bad as I used to. there were times i would leave Walmart without finishing my shopping list because the energy of the crowds started to get to me. Another time i could feel the radiation coming off the rows of flat screen TVs and started feeling very tired so I got annoyed and finally left.

Talking with people, not so much of a problem. for me its more the crowds and feeling boxed in. I also used to very suspicious of rental trucks, or going places i thought could be a terrorist target. I’d be ‘hyper vigilant’ as the doctor called it and watching everyone, even a few times confronting people and questioning them if they were spies or terrorists!
. And I can’t stand traffic at all…but I suppose a lot of people don’t…with me though i start getting that boxed in feeling, like trapped, and a few times I was known to once the traffic opened up a little i hit the gas and sped…one time i even went on the grass and around a bunch of cars,

I get it in groups. If a new person is around and it’s just one on one I feel Ok. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off the branch. If it’s a calm relaxed person, I’m Ok. I can talk to them.

More then one on one, I still get racing thoughts a bit and I still feel the cling association kick in. But I try and listen more then I talk, but then I’m not listening to the person, I’m listening to my head circus.

I have gone to classes for this so I’m trying to get better.

it is normal for everyone muggle or sz, try some relaxing technique whilst in town so you do not get so stressed.
take care

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I was just talking to my wife about this today.

How it was the first major sign that something was really wrong. I felt increasingly extremely uncomfortable when we would go out to a restaurant. I remember telling my wife that I could hear EVERYONE’S conversation at once. Then I started dissociating and feeling like I was being stared at by people.

When it got busy at work, I would run and lock myself in the restroom.

Ativan definitely helps but makes me noticeably detached.

Social anxiety sux.

@chrisjack,I have this very badly,it started with bad anxiety around people than how it’s like social “scared”…I have been through hell also and work hard also,doing a little better because of mirtazapine my mood is at least not “bad”,it’s a good improvement but now I still faces anxiety till I am talking very scarily or not talking at all and make little sense when talk,this is a big social block…

I am now trying to have little masturbation which I do it daily to see if it helps out

I had severe social anxiety in my teens - I avoided all the high school socials. Later as I entered my twenties it abated a little, but even now it is still there, especially in crowds, queues and social functions, which I hate going to

My severe social anxiety started when i was being bullied in my early teens. The paranoia soon followed. The paranoia and the social anxiety feed off each other .

I have social anxiety and tend to keep to myself, which brings on a lot of paranoia because I’m so isolated and lonely in life. I don’t talk much either. Like, I visited my folks this week and barely have anything to say. I just watch TV a lot. I think my social anxiety led to my sza. Now the hallucinations have subsided, but I still live with social anxiety.

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My social anxiety is the worst in groups…situations where I feel I can’t just walk away and feel trapped. Like I’m stuck there to be tortured. It has ruined countless jobs. I’ve literally ran away from one job cause I got so scared. I tried an AA meeting yesterday and tried to share and had to stop short after a few sentences because I was about to burst into tears from fear that others were talking about me or that the entire meeting was about me / persecutory thoughts. I take some comfort in knowing there are others like me.