I'm so tired

I want to cry all day, every day. I think about crying at random situations but crying distresses my family members so I usually try to act as emotionless as possible. I think my anhedonia and depression are at a breaking point to the point that I am constantly having a death wish and not looking after myself (I take care of daily hygiene because not doing that will freak my parents out). I haven’t been out for days- for months now since the winter break started. My disabilities restrict my activities so I can’t go out and enjoy the outdoors. All I do is go to the hospital for rehabilitation (physical therapy) or to psych. I want to ask my parents to take me outside but my mom has rheumatoid arthritis and my dad is at work or watches tv during weekends. I feel trapped all around. I feel like there is no hope for me and I am doomed. There’s no way out of this h3llhole.


There’s no way I can get out of this.

There’s no hope.

There’s no hope for a better future.

I had severe negatives
but now I’m fine.
Don’t lose hope


Are you on an antidepressant? Do you think one would help?

Yeah, I take effexor.

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You should give your psychiatrist feedback on it. It might not be working or you might need a higher dose.

I’m sorry you’re suffering.

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She recommended therapy and I’m doing that right now. I found a provider that costs 70 dollars per hour.


That’s what I was told. I’m now living in that better future. I’m nothing special, so if I can do it then many others can.


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I was indoors for several days sleeping and then I would get out for a few days and sleep at night. It sounds like you are having anxiety about it. Your parents help just by keeping yourself up to associate with another person.

I am tired and depressed because of abilify.
But don’t lose hope. Better drugs will be on the market soon

I think I’m depressed because of severe depression and trauma. I’m in therapy for it.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time.

Right now I’m having a tough time meeting my goals for chores, and helping without feeling like I’m relegated into a “maid” because I do not have a job, and feeling disrespect because of that.

I’ve struggled a lot and sometimes therapy can help break some knots in what you’re thinking circles around and progress your own healing, but you also need to be on a depression medicine that is therapeutically helping you.

This is hard because you haven’t gotten through therapy yet, to sort of see if its mindset over the mental chemistry you’re going through.

Please keep your head up, and you’ll get through this.

Time helps you adjust a little bit and it takes time to get a medication in, the indications on if its therapeutic, or if its not doing it for you.

Its a rough road, but its the path we gotta go through with this sort of thing.

Its not pretty, its not perfect, its the best any of our given situations is gonna get though.

Be proactive with your health, and seeking care, you aren’t going to get your hand held on this, its gotta be through your effort and your internal analysis that you find if something works or not, that is going to move you forward on this path.

I own and recommend these therapy workbooks…

You will get many hours of help from each book for less than $70.


(Note: @ThePickinSkunk - some of these may be useful to you considering our … similar … pasts)

Therapy is in earlier stages so right now we’re working on expressing anger without exploding. No one really taught me how to express anger other than to suppress it.

I like the medication that I’m on right now as it eliminates my hallucinations but I know that meds can’t take away my mental illnesses as a whole. My doctor believes that my trauma is causing multiple mental illnesses at once, such as depression and psychosis combined.

I keep intellectualizing my struggles so I’m working on just accepting the pain as it is instead of burying them. Hopefully it would work out. Next appointment is in two weeks!

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