Im so tired of staring at the wall

Please list some hobbies for me.

I dont know any…

Any ideas?

What hobby do you do that I can do???


you could draw a picture/paint, write a poem, go for a walk, it all depends about what your capable of as a person :slight_smile:

I play the guitar. I learned using YouTube. I suck, but I still have fun.

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I am an older person, so keep keep in mind i have had lots of time to develope interest.

here goes:
I was working with animals most of my life. I was a groomer, trainer, assisant, kennel person, and vet tech. I even got in on aspecial program to voluteer at a sactuary.

I have studied graphology at home through books. I am intrerested in behavior in general, as part of my animal training was watching owner and pet interaction. So , people behavior too.

Pencil art: totaly accident. really was stuck with broken foot on the couch in 3rd story apartment. My brother got me drawing pencils and a how to book. I started on kids drawing tablet using Mad Magazine as example. Graduated to realism style.

Medical sciences such as anatomy and pathology came from my vet tech days. I started for the love of animals. yet, the science behind diagnosing and treating them is interesting too.

What do you enjoy? what were your favorite subjects in school? after school activities?


I am on this forum 24×7 … haha Take care homies…

I have loads of anhedonia…nothing can intrest me…

Why life is so hard …!!!


videogames, comics, movies, this forum, walking, music, cooking…

I agree with ninjastar, if it’s financially feasible learn guitar or another musical instrument! Although I am learning guitar now, in the past I owned a drum set and let me tell you, laying down a barrage of blast beats is highly therapeutic!

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coloring, cooking, shopping, eating

I agree with @ninjastar and @Jaidex. A musical instrument is a great way to relax. Realistically, a you need is 2-3 chords and you can write your own songs. It’s something you can do alone or with others. Although there are traditional ways to play, you can always use alternate tunings to create your own sounds and ways of making different ways to play (sonic youth, unwound, etc). And there’s enough pedals available now to basically create an infinite number of tones. A lot of stuff is fairly cheap to buy, especially if you buy it used. Just an idea.

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