Im bored and lonely!

What are you doing, wish i had some hobbies i really need to get off my ass and try something i just dont know what ffs


I dont have hobbies anymore. I do nothing…


Are u still on the job… i am lying in a bed like dead… have u tried sarcosine walla my man… what are u upto… life is a difficult with sz…

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I know how u feel…another forum is good for socialising…its

What is your personality like towards hobbies?

Do you like to build things? Do you like working with your hands?

Are you more into reading? such as learning about a subject?

Are you a physical person? wanting to jog, do weights, jumprope(agility)?

Thrill seeker craving adrenaline fix? like rock climbing?

Are you an outside person? or always perfer indoors?

Answer some of these questions so we can get an idea of what you are like. Tell us anything us you already did and enjoyed too.

All of this would help us make better suggestions.

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Playing video games is good hobby… did you bought tank with a fish? Your hobby could be collecting something…do you play video games?try meditate, talk to something about something, think what you wish ? What things attracts you could be your hobby.what you liked doing before sz you can do the same now … thinking about good things could be your hobby. Or writing positive thoughts on a paper. Use your imagination

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i try play video games but i feel im wasting my non existent life. I also cant concentrate.

Thanks for the replies though

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you concentration can improve, play some easy video games where you dont need concentration like mario, yooka leelay, sims,. me too i thiunk i didnt do anything through out the day…but everything comes with a time…i feel stupid when i cannot pass somelevels…

what games did you played ? it could be you purpose to play video games…you are not wasting anything, everything is wasted already you cannot waste more :smiley: you doing good

I know this feeling very well.

Do you have any family members close by you can visit or spend time with.

Are there any groups or volunteer work you can do even if it’s just a few hours a week.

How about learning how to draw . There are some amazing tutorials on YouTube to start drawing.

Audiobooks are good too. Don’t require the concentration for reading but still get the boook and someone to listen too.

Have you considered taking some fun courses?

You could become a female hair stylist for example. It does not need heavy thinking, just practice, it is fun and you make a lot of money.

When I was suffering from negative/cognitive symptoms I was bored often because there was nothing I could do to entertain myself. That was a hard time.

I feel bored too. I think a person feels bored if they know they are really good and capable of something but havent had the oppurtunity to do those things due to circumstances.

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My concentration is bad too. I enjoy videos on YouTube that are 10-15 mins long. Gets me through the day. I take breaks watching them

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