I'm slowly teaching my kids

How to make quick and easy meals, snacks, desserts.
My 19 year old and 17 year old have got some decent skills. My 15 year old is doing a project to make 3 meals so hopefully I can be a good teacher for her.
My 21 year old son knows how to make ramen soup and eats a ton of fruit. He’ll survive.
Anyone can cook. Maybe not everything but a lot of things. Beginner cook books are plentiful and YouTube videos for easy meals are great too.
I don’t have half the skills I wish I had. Teenagers are pretty easy to feed.


That’s very smart and practical. The only thing I can make are teragon chicken and the world’s best enchiladas. My grandmother also taught me how to get the big vein out of chicken tenders with a small knife. Stuff like that sticks with you.


My dad taught me how to open a can with a knife :hocho:.


My aunt taught me that you can make giblet gravy by peeling the meat off of the turkey neck. I almost threw up though bc the turkey neck I was peeling looked like a man’s situation.


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