I'm scared my husband will kill me

Because he won’t want me to divorce him. And im scared he will try to stop me by stabbing me. And I’m scared because when he was ill Fri night he was violent with his dad and uncle. I’ll never forget how terrified his dad sounded - he was crying - and he’s not the crying type. So what will my husband do to me? I’m scared he’ll try to kill me.

Wonder if I should keep knife under my pillow…

Maybe have someone present when you tell him. I don’t think there’s easy ways of delivering such news but your safety should be maintained so If it’s an issue a public place even.


He was never really violent with me (except once when I upset him and he slapped me across my cheek. He said it was because he got a shock. Well so did I!!!) But I’m just scared. Maybe it’s delusional thinking - I don’t know! …

My big fear is that we all support you in your decision, then something bad happens to you.

Perhaps you should talk to a professional councilor who would be an advocate for you through all of this. Maybe contact a social worker from the Hospital and discuss everything you’ve been telling us.


My mom advised me to speak to his pdoc first about if he’s able to come home and be safe to be around etc. So I plan to phone her at hospital tomorrow

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