I'm scared. I had the most scary sleep paralysis that I ever had

I’m scared. I had the most scary sleep paralysis that I ever had.

I was doing really good, not having obsessive thoughts these last days, hearing few voices also, having few delusions, then tonight I’m not could sleep after 11pm.

Then, minutes ago I fall sleep, then I had about 3 or 4 sleep paralysis.

This is the scary experience that I had:

During this sleep paralysis I heard an wheezing in my ears. This was not me, because I was breathing different. This scared me a lot. It seemed as a demonic breathing in my ears. Then I started to see inside my head visual hypnagogic hallucinations. I visualised inside my head, a female child with blonde hairs, sitting in my parents’ bed, then she opened her mouth and put his tongue out, then her tongue started to get 3 times bigger than the normal, this was what more scared me in this sleep paralysis and I felt as a satanic presence . Then I felt like some external force was moving my body to up. Then I screamed inside my mind and heard guffaws. Then I wake up very scared and confusing.

I took an Clonazapam to calm down.

Any comments?

Share your experiences, please

Sleep paralysis happens to normies. It’s very unpleasant. Even normies can see/hear things during this. I don’t suffer from it myself (touch wood).

Whoa dude. That is…intense psychosis…or a dream from the deepest stage of sleep.

So, were you asleep or awake when you had this sleep paralysis you experienced?

In my religion we believe sleep paralysis is caused by demons.

Carfeul w/ the benzos u could get dependent. Dont be just popping Them for any reason.

your post was 8h ago - are you okay?

This could be side effect of your med or your med not working right. Either way you need to tell you doctor now as soon as possible to get help.

I have that all the time when not on meds - it is horrible. It happens to me before I can get to sleep, and then because of it I can’t sleep which is why I usually end up staying up all night and not sleeping. Trying to sleep is bad for me because my mind is just there doing its creepy stuff with hallucinations, delusions, all of it…

Like last night when I went offline I tried to lay down to sleep - I immediately starting hearing the rushing sound of air and then a heartbeat that got louder - then I was in a glass room with this witch doctor asking me which station I wanted to go to first. And it was different people sitting around doing weird ass ■■■■ and …I won’t say more because it could trigger people… I kept hearing someone scratch on the walls and then I was back in my room and someone was standing behind my chair. The whole time damn voices telling me I was going to get what was coming and egging them on…So no sleep for me again - got up beat the crap out of the guy and started watching windows. I am training myself to be a slayer, then they will stop ■■■■■■■ with me.

Anyways, I really think you need to talk to your doc about it. I need to too, but my new doc won’t see me again until I see the neurologist.


This occur when I’m falling to sleep.

Sounds like something I have experienced…normal for us. Hallucinations coming in and out of sleep are very strong for some of us. I have them, they sometimes wake me up if the hallucinations are particularly bad while dozing off at 10pm. I think the paralysis is confusing…was it you whole body not moving, or what is more like certain parts were numb? That is a key difference, if is the numb parts, and you weren’t sleeping on the part, that is bad and you would need to tell a physician. If it is just normal sleep paralysis, I would not worry unless it happens over and over.

Happens to me like twice a year. No big deal.

By the way, I am just a student, I am not licensed…I think you need to go to someone who is with the more serious stuff. I mean I am basically a skilled amateur, but the pros have twice as much education as I do, and I just start professional school in less than a month, graduated “amateur” as a perfect student, actually won lots of honors.

I am 5-6 years from being Dr. Mouse. I am just a patient who has a better clue than the average patient. I don’t mind little things like questions about hallucinations and what not, but in an emergency where you are unsure about your life, do not contact me, I log on here once a day. DO contact 911.

But if it is just a matter of curiosity and not concern for your health, I feel happy to share my experience and what little I know.