Im reconsidering turgrass management

i enjoy being outside and working. just talking about it earlier and i am considering going back to school, just at a 2 year community college. there are numerous options but i would have to travel. actually cincinnati state locally also offers a turfgrass degree program, so i could potentially commute.

im thinking about that community college in sheridan, wyoming i once attempted to enroll at that offers a turfgrass program. because there aren’t a lot of people or traffic and it was relatively cheap. i wouldn’t call the area home though, i would only live there for the duration of the program.

there was another community college in south carolina, that had a very good turf program as well. what i liked about it the most was it required spanish classes as part of the program. but it would be a bit more expensive, and it’s on the coast so rent and housing wouldn’t be cheap.

the most logical thing to do would be to commute to cincinnati state and attend classes there.
since i already have low cost housing here. but i don’t think there program is as good and requires 2 internships to complete a degree.

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one thing is all the golf courses in this area have fescue grass on the fairways, and creeping bentgrass on the greens and tee boxes. i think if i moved to florida they would have different grasses maybe bermuda? anyways i would have to learn about different grasses and diseases there prone to. also the ornamental plants would be different as well. o well, it could get my foot in the door. and allow me to work year round at one place instead of being laid off in the winter.

doesn’t pay as well as industrial technology however. but i think i would enjoy it more. i love a nice manicured park or golf course.

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Sounds a good plan. I do volunteer work for our cricket club in the city. Gets me out of the house a couple of days a week and I’ve learned to prepare a really good quality cricket wicket. It’s actually not a bad thing messing with mowers and working outside and it is interesting learning about grass.

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so did a bit of research and golf course jobs in punta gorda florida don’t pay much. like $10- $12 dollars an hour starting out as a laborer. sure i could maybe move my way up to becoming a superintendent and making a good salary, but that is unlikely and i don’t have the ambition to be in charge.

i think it’s just not economically viable to spend 10-20k on a turf degree and get paid so little when i start working. i could make more money working in a warehouse, and if i wanted to work outside on a golf course, a degree isn’t even a necessity.

so today im thinking about online college again. probably get an associates at the local community college in general studies, and then try to complete an online b.a. in economics if i have the chops for it. turfgrass was just a thought, but i think i would end up poor doing that and would struggle to pay my bills.

and that will eliminate the commute or paying rent somewhere expensive while i go to school.

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