I'm really horrible and I'm sorry

I’m sorry I’m a burden.

Sorry to everyone whom I’ve hurt on this forum.

Why on earth am I such a horrible person?

When did you hurt people on the forum? I don’t recall you doing that

You’re not a burden. You’ve hurt nobody. You’re not a horrible person.

You are really welcome ،

I think I’ve offended @velociraptor in a post about autism. And pretty much everyone else on this forum. I’m sorry.

Don’t worry about it. I’ve offended plenty of people on the forum and I still keep coming back. People forget quick.


I just have a strong sense of guilt when I offend people because I felt like I have become one of my abusers. I just feel awful :frowning:
I hope he forgives me. I am sorry…I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to suggest. I guess I should just shut up…

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So do I, it’s better to feel guilt, than to not have a conscience. If it’s really bothering you, apologize. If you don’t get a response, so be it. At least you tried.

I haven’t received a response. I am a total failure. I can’t believe I’ve hurt someone.
You know, I just ruined someone’s morning?
That’s horrible for anyone. And I just ruined his.
What a shame I am…what the heck.
I was abused and I just hurt someone?
I am nothing at all. Nothing.
I should have killed yourself like others told me to.

None of what you just wrote is true. Pride is playing with your mind.

I just don’t understand. Why do I keep doing that to others?
I try hard but others always get hurt.

Try, try again my friend.

First you need to take some breathe, breathe in and out slowly;;;

You can’t please everybody @laetitia. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It’s ok being sensitive and weary but no need to call yourself a terrible person when I’m sure your intentions were pure…

I know but I can’t handle myself being offensive. I just can’t handle myself and my horrible self.
I try…but I don’t do well. I just really really…urgh I just really hate myself.

I think you’re over reacting the situation.

When I offend people I see my abusive teacher in me.
That’s why I’m so angry.

You’re not a horrible person. The fact you think you’ve made horrible mistakes when they’re not even much bad at all shows you are a nice and caring person. Keep ur head up!!

I should have done better.

Everybody makes mistakes. We apologize, we shake it off, and we move on.

You’re not a horrible person for making a mistake. Sometimes we offend people.
But there’s a difference between doing it on purpose and doing it on accident.

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