I'm really horrible and I'm sorry

I know.
But now I’m no different than my abusive teacher.
I hurt people.
Simply with the fact that I hurt people, I don’t deserve to be with people.

But you don’t hurt people on purpose. You apologise and feel bad for it.
That makes you very different from your abusive teacher.

We can’t go through life without hurting someone. That’s human nature. It doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to see other people.
It means we should learn from our mistakes and move on.

If my abusive people were apologetic id forgive them. But they’re not because they’re abusive people so they don’t care. They hurt me on purpose. And when I was affected they wanted to put me in the dirt practically. Closest I ever got to an apology was still an insult.

But back then…she did apologize. The teacher apologized. And then she abused me again.
And again.
The bullies apologized and abused me again.
I don’t know. I just don’t know.
I’m sorry I’m making everyone tired now. I’ll be ok. Again sorry for taking your time away.

They apologized to save their own asses. You apologize because you mean it.
You’re a good person. Don’t worry.

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Thanks. It just hurts.
I’ve been abused for 5 years. Every year of school was agony. That’s why I just don’t do well when I accidently hurt someone. I used to punish myself by harming myself or pushing myself on the wall. But my mom is around so I can’t do that…

And you shouldn’t do that.
Punishing yourself won’t help. It’ll just make the shame worse.

I’ve asked my mom if I can take my olanzapine again. I think I might be really paranoid.
Surprisingly she didn’t yell at me

Don’t worry about offending @velociraptor …he has a hard head. :wink:

We love you! 747368

Hey man, @velociraptor is a strong guy. He can take insults and not let them get him down. He may feel insulted about whatever you wrote or it might have irked him but I’m sure it ain’t going to devastate him or destroy him. It’s not nice to make people feel bad but the solution is simple: Stop doing it!

But I’ve read a lot of our posts and I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say you hurt people. I never saw that. If there’s someone you hurt than this apology is a good thing to do. Now it’s over, move on.

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Honestly, I don’t even think you wrote anything worth apologizing for. You gave a suggestion in an attempt to suggest something that would make people’s lives easier, and you were unnecessarily attacked for it. You didn’t do or say anything wrong, but you apologized anyway. That’s more than enough. You don’t need penance.

All good, sorry for late reply. This working for a living thing gets in the way.


Wow, got the PMs.

@laetitia we’re cool, don’t sweat it. Very sorry to leave you hanging and freaking out. Didn’t mean to cause you this distress, it was definitely not something to fight over. Apologies.


Please don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were trying to teach me something.

Everyone, it’s all good! I’m just really sensitive, that’s all. I hope I didn’t make you stressed out or anything…

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Hiya- he didn’t attack me, I just didn’t understand what ASD really was, and he just simply wanted to teach me something. PTSD doesn’t help much in this case…

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