A letter to my abusers

You have tore me apart into pieces. You have abused and hit me. You hit me with a ruler and you have hit me with your fist. I blacked out for a few seconds after you hit me. You accused me of something I didn’t do and subjected me to punishments that I didn’t deserve.

You said you were my friend, but you only tore me down as I tried to make friends. You abused me, teased me, and you disfigured my soul.

But you are human, aren’t you?
And you make mistakes, do you not?
And you made mistakes. But you are human.

So I forgive you.

You are, after all, human. You have imperfections and flaws. You were growing- both at old and young ages- and that is ok. Although you have damanged me greatly, you are- in a way- not responsible.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation, please do not hurt another person like you have done to me. I have a scar from an injury you have caused on the top floor of a building. But don’t make the same mistake that you did on me.

Don’t long on my tears but move on. Live your life- but please do so kindly.

And most of all, love yourself and remember that you are loved by me and loved by others.

Sit sempre secus salicem cadentem.

Faithfully Yours,


its good to see yuove forgiven…bullies are best forgiven as they gnaw at ur mind…i learned to forgive myself…if i didnt i could a ended up in psychiatric prison

There were bullies, but majority of my trauma comes from teachers and educators.

It was teachers who hit me and abused me…bullies took advantage of that.

I am sorry about your experience as well and I applaud you for your courage and bravery.

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I’m sorry you suffered like that. I’m glad you’re able to forgive. I hope you never get treated like that again

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Thank you.

I just have a lot of trouble with my peers because of it. I just cannot take myself off of flashbacks.

I suffer from complex PTSD so I relate. My case manager is trying to set me up with a therapist who specializes in trauma. Do you have a therapist?

i see a therapist once a week…im currently dealing with social anxiety withher

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How’s therapy going @karl?

its a bit slow at he moment…progress that is…im currently doing role play as reagrds social interaction…i need tolearn to up my confidence

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I have a counselor but my mom yelled at me for talking to him about schizophrenia.

What has washed your hate?

I wish the best for you @karl. Don’t give up! Just keep at it one day at a time :slight_smile:

Ask your counselor to no longer disclose your discussion topics.

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