Feeling like a terrible person due to what i have said in episodes and what i have said about others

I keep feeling like a terrible person i feel like complete scum. I dont want to be like this i just want to feel normal again. Its not fair to the people i have hurt in all of this. I never wanted to cause issues. How do i make things right again. I know it will never be the same but i dont want to hurt anyone anymore. I dont want to bring people who dont deserve that treatment against them how do i change and get rid of this.

I have said some of the worst things known to man and i hate myself for it. I dont expect forgiveness but i just wanted those who i hurt and made suffer to understand why i made those decisions. I didnt want to hurt them personally. I was angry and i didnt really have a clue how much my words affected people.


When was the last time you saw a psychiatrist?

I saw him recently. But it doesnt help as i still feel guilty.

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I try and see the silver lining

Guilt is a normal emotion id say. All humans have something to feel guilty about IMO. You cant avoid guilt. And guilt teaches us lessons. When you’ve forget the guilt you’ve learned the lesson? Too much guilt and excessive worrying sounds bad but guilt can be helpful.

I think guilt made me a better person. It mustve been may of 2020 i just thought i was a horrible horrible person

it helped me correct my behavior by seeing my faults

maybe i stopped seeing myself again, but i also improved on my behaviors

ive had more things to feel guilty about since, but that may 2020 was a very profound transformation motivated by guilt and feelings that im bad

sorry i hope you get through this soon and i hope my post helps a little bit…


Yes you are right. I just want to be a better person. I dont want to hurt anyone anymore. Its not fair


Just gotta try our best. Don’t judge yourself harder than you would others. We all are only human and make mistakes sometimes.

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Just do your best. Try not to make the same mistakes. In time, things will work out.

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