I'm on t.v everywhere and it's not a delusion

just know that. my life crazier than my delusions. actually. funny and sad at the same time.

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Maybe it’s time to go back on meds?

no chance. this is real and I have proof!
but you are my safe house guys. I don’t want them to follow me here. the people. i love this place to much.

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Show us the proof

Did this start since you stopped your meds?

Thinking the TV is talking about you is a big symptom of schizophrenia. You don’t sound well. I’d talk to a doctor and go back on meds.

The TV thing isn’t real.


what is the proof?

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It’s a delusion. Talk to your doctor.

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but i gonna erase it now. I don’t want that people from my country will destroy this forum for me

look. i have to erase it!

is that you? 151515

what are they saying on the tv and/or the youtubes/facebook about you?

i am 38 after all…

I used to believe that the t.v. was all about me too…it’s not real…you are ill…please contact your psychiatrist…

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It is not a delusion. She put up the links momentarily before deleting them. It is in her native language, on her native tv channel so I cannot understand what they mentioned, but she was on tv and it was not a delusion!


yea i saw it too… but i wonder what they were saying…
maybe she is famous in israel?

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It’s a long, long story

it’s ok… maybe you can tell about it what you can… it’s really weird that you are mentioned everywhere and your picture everywhere.

its funny, my ps doctor didn’t believe me also, at first. but I always say that i am the one sz that her delusions came to life…

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yes it is weird. its crazy because the story behind it even more crazy. and very hard to hear . its not a nice story, i had some very hard years…