Does anyone have delusions where the tv talks about you?

just had one out of many experiences, where the TV tried to belittle me, or more like the person on the TV tried to, i was washing my hands in the bathroom, and i went to dry my hands, and keep in mind the living room where the TV is pretty close to the bathroom. and i guess i tend to smirk a lot, i cant really help it, but i think i smirked when i dried my hands, so the person on the TV thought i was bragging or something, and she said, oh how does he do that, in a sarcastic way.i just need a little reassurance that there are more going through these kinds of experiences to help me cope


Happens to me daily.

I recognize it as a delusion/hallucination and stop thinking about it.

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I used to thin the news people could see and would laugh at me and some news stories were not real and they wanted me to do those things., also thought the gals from the charmed ones were against me and were sending me messages

Much later on I bought the series on DVD and was able to watch it.


I remember once i could not tell a football game from a cartoon. I looked closely but could not make it out. Forgot about it and later it was two news anchors and one told the other that i could see them. The second agreed and said i was not supposed to be able to see them. They seemed confused. Was at this time i turned off the TV so that they would not send people to deal with me. Next for good measure i took the wall mirror and put it face down on the bed. Thought they could also see through it. It was an uncomfortable time. I was afraid and felt there was much I was left out and not understanding.

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The TV doesn’t talk to me or about me but everything on the TV is fake for my fake, staged world. I think maybe some of it is real but not very much. I just go along with their BS. Not much else to do. Besides it may be a delusion. I’m on the fence.

Yeah gurl. That’s muh stuff. I always think the tv is talking to me.

yeah… i once thought Anderson Cooper from CNN was talking to me… i also thought comedians were making jokes about me…

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yeah, ive had problems with comedians also, though there was a time way back then when i could watch stand up no problem, hell, tv in general, but those days are long gone. now i just mostly play video games all day, and sometimes i cant play some video games that have voice acting,it makes me to nervous, its like the voice actor is right there, and he can hear my thoughts

When I was working and travelling in connection with a new job I was very stressed which triggered delusions in me and paranoid ideas. I could not listen to songs as I thought they referred to me. Also on TV I also thought mistakenly that the people were talking to me specifically. It made travel or phoning very difficult. Also my memory was badly affected. That was 30+ years ago but hardly ever happened again also I’m more resilient and don’t pay mush heed to that type of idea. I know it can really stop you in your tracks though.

you sound unstable. are you on meds? do you see a psychiatrist? I would tell my pdoc about this. I used to believe all the tv shows were about me too. I was ill.

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Feeling people on tv can see me and talk about me, especially on live tv, most say mean things about me I think because they can read my intrusive thoughts .

I had this when I was very ill. I don’t have it any more.

It’s called ‘delusions of reference’


yes when I was very ill, I’m more stable now and dont have this happen. it is very scary to experience this. please tell your Dr.

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To tell you the truth, I’ve been off my meds for a while, I’m fearful of going outside to go to the doctors office

I’ve had those delusions before. I would think the people on TV were talking bad about me (on the radio too). Sometimes, I would be like “whatever” out loud. It made me mad. It doesn’t happen anymore though.

I’ve had these ones a lot in the past. They really are terrifying delusions.

I thought that Billy Bush from entertainment tonight was running a side show about me out the back of the studio auctioning off my body parts to various clinics. I also thought that Blake Shelton from the voice was communicating with me, during one episode. Last Christmas Seth McFarlane from the family guy played the piano on stage and I thought that he was giving the signal to cease and desist from punishing me to all of the other members of Hollywood. I got into trouble once while living in LA so tv personalities and movie star types frequently appear in my delusions.

I use to get that a few years ago and still think music is talking about me from time to time. The tv was always harsh and judgmental while music would worship me like a god. I always thought is was weird how that worked.

I get paranoid and think that real people are out to get me, like this lady police officer whose sister I dated. I thought she was tracking me through my car radio. Every time I put on the pop station she could zero in on me based on the music I was listening to. It was really frustrating and frightening.

I used to think that me and my friends(who all lived like a thousand miles away) could harass athletes while they played baseball through telepathy. Also the weatherman until they brought in this guy from Argentina who was unharassable for some reason. Some of the thoughts I had were so funny I would literally laugh out loud. That does not happen to me anymore.