I'm now the proud tenant of a Allotment to grow vegetable

Its on my road to easy to walk too. I think this will give me some purpose and somewhere to go during the day. It will help my mental health. The allotment apparently has a good community feel so hopefully I will make some new friends. Anybody else have a allotment or grow vegetables. Does it help with your mental health?



Our back yard is a hill and gets afternoon shade from the house. We have trouble growing but we still try , tomatoes do good last year we had a good amount of Peppers


in the past ive grown carrots peas turnips peppers kale cabbage lettuce zuchini and potatoes.

I got about 4 acres available to grow on. I have a slope in the backyard where I was going to put in grape vines and erect blackberries. Also I’m going to put in about 8 cherry trees. all this will be for home wine making.

commercially I have about 1-2 acres available for me to grow. i’m thinking about growing lettuce for sale. when I go to local farmers markets not that many people do lettuce. around here you get a lot of squash peppers tomato cucumber zucchini and corn. I feel like I can make a decent wage tending a couple acres.

across the street for my personal use, I grow lettuce culinary herbs, tea herbs, and smoking herbs. it helps my mental health to get outside and get some sunshine. also it gives me a productive way to spend my time so I would say yes its a good hobby


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