I'm not taking haldol anymore after

Seeing pdoc. I feel okay when I’ve awakened. I take that ■■■■ drug and don’t want to do ■■■■ but be paranoid.

Haldol is a dangerous drug.

No it’s not. Don’t say such things


Sometimes drugs like Haldol can be a lifesaver for some people.


Depends on the person. All I know is there are better alternatives.

Haldol saved me.


I have been on Haldol for 10 years. But I just take 1mg a day so no side effects. It is pretty bad at a high dose I think.

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Haldol was alright for me but it made me restless.

Haldol was hell for me too. When I got on Geodon and Seroquel everything was okay. For some people Geodon is The Answer.

Haldol brought me out of psychosis 5 years ago… and I stayed loyal to it bc of that. I went through almost all the available drugs a long time before this. But bc of added life experience and increased age, I am giving Abilify another shot now. It’s a second generation drug as opposed to Haldol (first generation). I’m pinning some hope on it, and so far I think I’ve made some progress.

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