I'm considering

Going to the crisis center. I am always being death threatened and yelled at. I feel like going out to the country and sleeping in a shed. I don’t leave uless I have to. I fear for my safety.

Don’t go out in the country to sleep in a shed. I tried to escape when I was psychotic. Traveled through several states. Delusions follow you.

As they say, no matter where you go, there you are. This isnt something you can run from. It comes from you.


There is no hope for me anymore. I’ve been through a lot of meds. I do not want to stop taking my perphenazine. Caffeine is an enemy. I won’t go out to the country.

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Maybe you are a potential candidate for an alternative treatment like ECT? Idk. The fact that you acknowledge that you need medication or something might be a good sign. IDK.


I’m so sorry you think this…have your pdoc up your perphenazine.

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Is your doctors helping you?

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I remember you @roxanna . I hope you feel better soon!

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Yes they are helping. I’m having issues with caffeine. He raised my mg to 16mg. Just gonna see what perphenazine does next two weeks.


Maybe try decaf they have decaf cola like Coke and Pepsi also decaf coffee is great


I’m going to pick back up decaf coffee soon. I have found some good drinks.

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It gets better. Just try to keep your calm and maybe that would help see it more clearly?

I deal with the exact same thing and when your really upset you can’t think clearly. Try to maintain soon type of calm… that’s what I’m working on

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glad he upped the dose…nowwww…let’s see what you feel like soon.

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