I'm thinking about going to the crisis center

My bf is acting like a 12 year old child. I called them just hung up. I don’t feel well. Perphenazine is not helping I’m grieving my dad. I see my pdoc July 21. I was thinking about walking up there but it’s getting dark. Idk what do I do?


Hugs, @roxanna I hope you get through this ok. A week can seem like a long time when we are troubled.

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I’d say go before it gets too dark.


Go @roxanna you’ll feel better once you talk with the people at crisis.

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He won’t let me go get help. He wants me to stay for the ac people. I know nothing about acs. ■■■■ it. I’m just gonna sit here and cry. Got to go take my meds.

Hugs @roxanna

I’m gonna ■■■■ some ■■■■ up.

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Hey you, sending (((hugs))).

Can you at least call a crisis line? Plenty of us here who worry about you.



I agree with @velociraptor. At least call a crisis line for help and support

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i hope you feel better in the mean time @roxanna
it sucks to feel so shitty =/

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Remember that you always have this line to vent on. Also, remember the crisis phone lines. They can be a big help. I know it’s rough. Hang on.

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