I haven't been feeling good lately

I need a med adjustment but I don’t see my pdoc til April 19th. Right now I’m paranoid and hearing voices this morning. I’m trying to cut caffeine out as much as I can. I can’t have sugary things. Of course did on my bday.

I don’t want to bore y’all anymore. I just feel like crap. Hope y’all are okay. Rox


Hope you will feel better soon.

Have you spoken with your dr yet?
Maybe you need to increase medication.

Best wishes to you.


I’m going to contact my caseworker today and let her know what’s going on.


Roxanna I adore you and feel sad that you are having a hard time. I wish that you could get in to see your pdoc sooner. Maybe they can arrange that because that’s a long time to suffer. Let us know what your case worker says. Until then, hugs.


Sorry to hear that I’ve been in a depression off and on and I’ve had paranoia and voices but I believe both of us can get through it :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Have you tried calling the office and asking the p.doc to call you back? Sometimes they can do a med change over the phone if you recently had an appt. I just moved down from 2mg to 2mg on my rexulti on saturday by doing that. So i would recommend trying to call.

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