I'm not sure if my meds are working or not

yeah… I am taking some strong meds at this point and I am still being tormented by the voices. does anyone know how to cope with them?

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i created rooms in my head that i controlled, then i created bigger rooms and then small worlds then bigger worlds where i was the one in controll.
i have this sort of outer body experience where i slay my demons or mostly i create spheres of white light coming out of my hands and surround them individually and send them to the other side of of the infinite universes so they have to walk back.
take care

I used to drown them out with music that didn’t have lyrics. I’ve also just had to tell myself the opposite of what they say. I’ve also started a conversation with someone I trust and used all my strength to talk to the person outside my head, and not the voices inside my head.

Sometimes they amp up when I’m stressed. If there is a way you can relax I hope they quiet down for you.

i would try and distract myself from them somehow.

thank you guys for giving me advise. I will try to do the best I can to do these things.

I use music too. But voices tell me to turn it off. Then I make it louder. I can hear the voices scream at me but I win. They will be quiet if you focus on something outside yourself. Like a painting or a good book. Read active or out loud. Think of every word. Don’t let the voices step in.

Maybe you should switch meds? My doctor has sort of a “if it doesn’t bother you it isn’t a problem” going on. (I’m not a violent person either so what doesn’t bother me probably wouldn’t bother other people).

Ok, so I used to drown my voices by blasting music. It worked. I would just put my headphones on and blast Slipknot and lift weights. Not exactly healthy but it got me through hell.

You really need to call your doctor. I dont mean to sound like a dick but you need to tell a professional about this, not fellow schizophrenics. We cant make your voices stop, doctors can.

If you need some practical advice, I highly functioned whilst psychotic for a long time. Just message me.

But I am not a doctor, I can’t do half as much for you as a doctor can.