I'm not on any antipsychotic. Who else doesn't take meds?

Been off meds since the 18th of Jan. I feel exactly the same and so far have had no schizophrenia symptoms. I think the illness has gone, but I guess I can’t be sure until a significant amount of time has passed.


it won’t be long and you are going to start to slip back into psychosis and when you try taking meds again it might not work at the dosage you were on anymore…I would ask your pdoc what to do.


You’ve just described how pretty much every relapse I’ve ever had has started.


I can’t go without my meds I go insane


Maybe one day when you’ve been stable for a long time. If you stay on meds your prolactin will increase (due to low dopamine), your testosterone will decrease and you’ll be left lethargic with sexual dysfunction. Get a blood test every few months.

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It’s way too soon to tell.
Did you ok it with your doctor?
You know, your playing with fire.

It’s just a matter of time before you could possibly start losing your marbles!

I would go back on your meds if I were you.


You stopped an injection. It can take a long time for an injection to wear off.


Please go back on your meds before you do some real damage. What if you end up having a psychotic break and end up in the hospital, in jail, or dead? What if you hurt someone? I say resume the meds while you’re ahead. If you want off, talk to your pdoc and see what they say. Don’t stop meds on your own.


My pdoc refused to give me a lower dose of meds. I wanted to taper off 100mg of paliperidone but instead I quit it cold turkey.

I’ve had no symptoms of schizophrenia since may last year, but then again I was medicated.

Good luck to you. You should talk to your doctor. :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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Get back on meds before you are a danger to yourself or others.
You don’t want to end up in jail or worse yet, dead!


Exactly. You just admitted that you were on meds when your symptons stopped. Why would you go off them?

Maybe some of the meds are in my system, but it’s an extremely small amount. I know this cos my sexual dysfunction is starting to subside. Still bad though as I have low testosterone.

I’ve had enough of the sexual dysfunction and the low testosterone. Also my cholesterol was very high on meds. I don’t want diabetes, and metabolic disorder.

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I’ve asked my care coordinator if my pdoc can prescribe me 1mg tablets of risperidone I can save for emergencies. If any of my symptoms return then I’ll take the tablets.

Okay, then talk to your pdoc about maybe switching to another med, but don’t go off cold turkey.


And what happens if 1mg isn’t enough. Or, what if you wake up one morning out of your mind and are none the wiser. What if you think nothing’s wrong so you don’t take the prn and just keep spiraling?

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Not only is this a bad idea, its a dangerous one.

You could relapse like everyone is saying,

You could also go through terrible withdrawal.

I’ve stopped taking my meds several times with the same reasoning,

I always come crawling back to them.


…It’s risky, but I’m willing to take a risk. I don’t hear voices or see things. I just have to look out for delusions or paranoia.

I see why you want to be medfree, but quitting cold turkey with no-one to check on you and not even having enough emergency meds at hand is plain stupid. (I know, by repeated experience).

If you stopped the 18th you have a lowered dose in your system which causes the decreased side effects, but no way that you can know how you are without meds right now.

For withdrawal, seek another pdoc who wants to supercarefully look what the lowest possible dose is for you. Which might be zero, or might be what your current pdoc prescribed, or anything in between.

And i genuinely see your issues with them, i too wish to withdraw. This just doesnt seem the best way.