I'm not going to ever live it down

Ok so I sleep walk. I slept walked, heated up what I thought was a can of ravioli only to learn upon a big spoonful in my mouth it was really plain sloppy joe sauce. Lol. My husband won’t let me eveer live it down it appears. But seriously do you sleep walk anyone?? I was wondering, desimb

Only time I ever sleepwalked was on Ambien.

The last time I was hospitalized, I sleep walked to the bathroom and missed going in the toilet. It took some convincing for me to believe I had done it.

Once, when I was a kid, I awoke to find myself sitting cross-legged on the floor of my cousin’s hallway. That was the only time it ever happened to me.

I sleep walk all the time. If I go to bed upset, I will sleep walk a lot. My sis put baby alarms on the front and back door so if I try to get out in the night the little alarm will go off.

I’ve woken up on the floor in various parts of the house, I’ve woken my sister up many times in the night and babbled at her while I was mostly asleep. I’ve gotten outside a few times woke up out there.

Sometimes I feel like I should chain myself to the bed.

Don’t be hard on yourself :wink:

I sleepwalk and sleep eat all the time. I’ve discovered some tasty snacks while sleepwalking lol. Like grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in marinara sauce. And refried beans with balsamic vinaigrette mixed in. Strange, I know, but those are the products of my sleep eating lol.

I usually wake up in the middle of eating or walking, thankfully. And I’ve never ended up outside. But I have been lucky to safely make it down a flight of stairs several times while sleepwalking.

I know what triggers it for me, personally. It’s a good idea to know that, so you can try to control it.



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That sound’s amazing. I’m going to try and make this while awake. :wink:

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