Does anybody else sleep walk


i have been doing it for about 7 or 8 years that i know of. i have driven my car, smoked cigarettes, deliberately burned myself, made coffee ready for the morning, applied for social housing on two separate occasions, only finding out about it when the council rang to offer me houses i had no memory of applying for. this morning i found a half smoked cigarette on my bedside cabinet so i’m at it again. maybe that’s y i get so tired during the mornings. anyone else?


One time in my entire life. I was in the hospital. I got up early one morning and I came out of my room and when I walked by the nurses station, all the nurses were grinning at me ( I had known them for months by this point). I asked what was so funny.They told me I had gotten up the night before and walked up to them, spoke a bunch of gibberish for several minutes then turned around and went back to my room. They knew I was sleep-walking, and I had no memory of doing it.


I am a huge sleep walker. Any little thing that sets me off and I know I’ll be sleep walking. My sis even had an alarm put on the door that she sets at night in case I try and get out.

The worst one recently happened a few months ago. I walked to the corner store in my pj’s in the rain and got to the corner market, just grabbed a bunch of my favorite candy bars off the shelf and walked out. My sis followed me I guess and paid for the candy. I was really freaked out when I woke up in wet pj’s a wet bed, wet hair and my favorite candy all over the kitchen.

I’ve also waked into my sisters room woken her up told her half a story about something and walked away. I’ve done this a few times.


Several instances as a child.

One time i turned on all of the lights in the house and repeated “they are coming. they are coming. they are coming.”


This was right around the time i had a very strange dream containing a wolf, looking back on the dream i know what it was but didn’t know then, they had come.

Sometimes they appear as wolf, owl, and deer.