Insomnia and sleep walking

i was attacked in my home and ever since, i can’t sleep properly, alot of the time i don’t sleep at night and when i do sleep, i sleep walk to make sure everything is ok. i have even driven my car a couple of times whilst sleep walking. i wish i could feel safe in my own home but i just can’t as i don’t have the money to install proper security. so i sleep walk to make sure i’m up if anything happens. it’s a crazy situation but one i can’t seem to get out of. any one else suffer sleep disorders?


Yeah, I use to go to the bathroom and miss the toilet while sleeping.

I used to do this growing up in an abusive home(sometimes being pulled out of bed in middle of night).I think the sleep-walking is a stress/anxiety reaction.Have you been able to get any counseling?That helped me tremendously.

I’m sorry to hear you had once been attacked in home and that made you feel unsafe while at home. That’s a traumatic experience. yeah, you’d better install a house security system. Could your parents help you with that?

chronic sleep walker here, my sis has an alarm on the front door so I don’t get out at night any more.

I’m beginning to think that where I wake up is a clue to what is bothering me enough to sleep walk in the first place.

I often wake up on the floor in a different part of the flat. I also have a blanket and pillow with me. Sometimes I take it with me on my walk. Some times my sis finds me and will tuck me because she can’t lift me or wake me up.