Sleep walking again

so last night i slept walked again, only this time i was sort of semi conscious. i put some sweetner on some dog food in a tub and brought it up to my room to eat! i woke up later and thought ewww! gross. i don;t know if i ate any of it. i also brought the sweetner container up to my room, which i don’t recall doing. i sort of remember sprinkling the sweetner on the dog food, but i don’t recall that i knew it was dog food. this is the first ever time i’ve been semi conscious while sleep walking. it was very odd!

whoa…Jayne, sleepwalking is no fun, but sometimes it can be pretty funny. Watch, you’ll look back on it in a few months and just laugh. That’s what I do.

**I have to say that made me laugh!
I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid.
If I do now-I sure don`t know about it! I do snore now :blush: **

Sleep sex and making and eating cigarette butt sandwiches in peoples sleep. Where both reported on one of our current affairs programs once.

Thinking on it you might try a sleep clinic if you want more help with it.

I snore too! but my snoring problem is genentic XD

@jaynebeal, Sorry it’s coming back. I’m glad you woke up before you ate the dog food.

It seems like I sleep walk almost every night. It’s pretty hit or miss where I will wake up. But at least I’m still in my apartment.

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