I'm not feeling well

I’m not feeling well.
It is as if I had no emotions or as if I could not express them.
I have the symptom of depersonalization: it is as if things were unreal, as if I were unreal, as if people were unreal, like I was in a dream or movie.

I keep hearing voices and they mostly talk about religious things.

Sometimes it seems that my mind becomes a radio and I start to hear songs that I heard recently, or has heard before.

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It’s scary I know. Try and ground and find motivation for hope and peace.


This month is completing three years I’m with schizophrenia.

It has not been easy.
I’m having trouble talking to people.
My family does not understand me correctly.
I can not think straight.

The voices tease me all the time.
It’s like torture. These voices do not stop.

Are you on meds?


Risperidone, haloperidol and clonazepam.

Have you tried changing them up?
Wow. I realize this is the KING of dumb questions.

i wear headphones and blare music constantly, it helps drown them out a little bit.

The voices are torture, maybe its time to try a diffrent medication

I tried sulpiride, seroquel among others.

I’ve tried listening to music to stop the voices, but the songs stay in my mind as if they were voices, then occur what I’ve said about the radio.

I found the symptoms gradually get less bad over time. I’ve had it for 8 years, and I’m much better than I was after 3 years of it. Coping skills will help. Some people think it’s a disorder of hyper-sensitivity. Some people see similarities to autism because I described some symptoms and it could have been mistaken as autism, but they are not the same. I’m also sensitive to noise, sound, etc. I get overstimulated easily. Going into loud shopping malls is dizzying to me and I get fatigued. Esp when there are tv or consumer ads blaring etc. at certain moments I would get the feeling all eyes were on me but I realize these are just heightened perceptions.

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i get voices too. sometimes they bother me, other times they don’t. sometimes they r omnipresent, other times infrequent. i have never tried listening to music through headphones. maybe i should try.

Schizophrenia also has symptoms of autism, according to Eugen Bleuler.


Today was another bad day.

I am having many voices on religious matters.
I’m tired of it.

I’m also having a lot of depersonalization.

My psychotic outbreak involved religious themes.

I had very strange visual hallucinations at the beginning.

I didn’t know this information, thanks.

I have no emotions also. I can’t enjoy anything. Usually this is my favorite time of the year, nba finals are on, weather is getting good, but i can’t enjoy any of it. I don’t feel any emotion. What’s the point of living if you don’t feel anything. That is the whole point. You live to feel emotions. That’s why I’m beyond desperate to feel again. Two of my closest Uncle’s died and I didn’t show any emotion. It didn’t feel like anything. I could go on for hours giving you examples but the point is I suffer every day. I don’t know why I can’t find anyone like me. Everyone is doing better then me, and I’m not just saying that. How are you? Are you suffering?

I’m suffering with the voices.

my voices r omnipresent at the moment and have been for about 2 weeks now after a month of quiet. i wonder when the next quiet period will be. they still claim to be telepathic but i still don’t believe it. it’s a bugbear but i deal with it ok i guess. having a down day today. :frowning:

@jaynebeal Sorry you’re having a down day. Maybe a nice cup of tea is in order?

if only tea solved everything igor, i’d drink it by the bucket load lol. i’ll be ok. usual ■■■■…threatening to rape me both anally and vaginally, break my neck and leave me a tetraplegic. give me strokes in the broccas and wernickes areas so i can’t speak if i talk about being raped by someone famous. s’ok…i’m gonna go and see a lawyer once i can afford it, just incase.

I don’t know what to say. That sounds terrible. Sorry you’re going through that @jaynebeal. I never really had lots of voices, but the ones I did have just insulted me and commented on what I was thinking.

Okay, thats not good. But your feeling emotions and pleasure at least?