I'm not fat : I'm just easy to see

I lost two more pounds on my diet. I started out weighing 251 lbs and now I weigh 227 lbs.
29 lbs to go.


Keep up the hard work, Nick! I have been trying out your diet and so far, I’ve lost about 7 pounds. I think I would lose more if I were more faithful to it.

Thanks for introducing me to it!




heh heh…

I think I like food more than I liked being thin though…that and I figure if someone’s going to judge me for being a little overweight I’m not interested in their company anyway. I don’t much like judgmental or superficial people. Sure when I had a “nice” body I was welcome among all the beautiful people but didn’t meet many I much liked.

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Hey Anthony, if you are getting bored with eating only meat and vegetables, there are plenty of simple recipes for various dishes and desserts that are on the diet. You can download and print them off of many websites.

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I am still heavy, but I think I lost more weight - I have been eating healthier and a bit lighter. I don’t weigh myself frequently, but it looks like I lost some more. I can actually cut my toe nails and tie my shoes without straining or huffing and puffing! :wink:


That’s great you’re losing weight and sticking to a plan!! I’ve lost twenty pounds since working with a nutritionist but the best part is it’s staying off…I’m not yo-yoing. Recently I’ve lost 6lbs from not having an appetite which is good but not the way I want to lose. I get so hungry but would rather feel that then eat. I only eat twice a day so I can take my meds and have to force myself to eat. Oh well! Keep sticking to it and the rest of the weight will come off. Good luck!! :sunny:

I’m about fifty pounds overweight. The trick for me is not to buy delicious food that is easily prepared. I have a fair amount of free time in my apartment, and I eat out of boredom. Somebody on TV was touting the vegan diet as the heart healthiest diet. I’ll just take my chances with cardiac arrest.

Tell us your secrets…

I am just posting information that has worked for ME.
You do this diet at your own risk and I am not responsible for anything negative that happens. Never start a diet without consulting a physician. Some diets can be dangerous. If your interested you should definitely read “The Dukan Diet”, by Dr.Pierre Dukan. Everybody’s physiology is different and safe dieting depends on gender, age, weight, health, size etc.This is for informational purposes only. I’m not saying it works for everybody.