R we all fat?

i know i am but im trying to lose weight now. ive cut out sugar and am eating lots of fruit and raw veg during the day and soups so im not hungry. hope to start swimming next week as well as walking two miles a day, weather permitting. i wont b swimming every day as i cant afford it but once or twice a week. in total that burns 1,163 calories a week give or take a few days. i only swim for half an hour coz it knackers me out but i’d like to make it an hour each time. my legs feel like jelly when i get out of the pool lol. r u going to lose any weight this year?

I have to lose 15 more lbs. I had lost 70 lbs on my diet, but I had a number of ‘slips’ and gained some back. I’m being more careful now.


jeez! 70 pounds. thats alot of weight to lose. i need to lose 28 pounds at the moment then i’ll be happy with that. well done for ur weight loss hunni. u should b proud of ur achievement!

I wish to maintain my own weight, I’m 116.6 pounds,

I am definitely fat with a BMI in the moderately to severely obese range. Have very gradually, over 8 years, put on 6 stone.

@77nick77 how did you lose the 70lbs? I was very discouraged by my last attempt to lose weight. I gave up after only losing 6lbs in 12 weeks. I didn’t exactly diet but cut out the 2 or so takeaways a week i was having. I think if i could have lost 2-3lbs every fortnight i would have been more encouraged.

“The Dukan Diet”

Lists the benefits and risks. If you want to know more there are numerous other websites with more info. Or buy the book the doctor wrote that explains the diet in detail. You can get it on Amazon.com.


im power walking at least 10km most days and diet i lost a stone in 8weeks, since i stopped beer im fully motovated to keep going.

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thats brilliant pedro. hope i can do the same. xxx

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I’m a gardener, so in the dead of winter when everything is dormant and there’s not that much out door work, I do tend to put on a little weight. But in spring when every garden in the city needs help ASAP. I’m all over the place and the weight comes off again. Plus then I can surf again.

For me its totally the meds. If I were not on these weight gaining meds, I would be thin. When I was on Abilify, I am pretty sure i lost over 30 lbs. Risperdal is good for my mind, not so much for my body. Same goes for Depakote. Do I quit taking these meds because they are destroying my body? or do I stay on them so I can pretty much function ok.
Life is never fair. Now I’m probably going to be taking another medication for depression - more weight added on.
I forgot to mention that I am on a strict lower carb diet, and I have been starting to walk some more.

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I’m glad to hear that your starting to walk more. Getting out an walking is a great start to getting fit. Good for you. I hope you can keep it up. :thumbsup:

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Funny as it my be I was told to take off wieght becouse of my hart! I way 186 and need to be 160 fat comes with the pills so its harder to take it off! I like my self thinner!

J I do most of my walking on my old treadmill. But I walk my dog as well. So I am hoping that I can keep it up too. We shall see how my depression goes. I do know that exercising helps diminish depressive symptoms. We shall see.

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I was 20 pounds fatter and I tried for years to lose weight and I couldn’t, the only way that seemed to work is to not eat too much and all what I had to do is only eating about 7 or even 10 times a day, but a little food each time. eating too much on three meals and eating during the night was the reason that I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did.


I am trying to gain weight! I lift weights and I just want to get bigger and stronger! Geodon hasnt caused unexplainable weight gain…it doesnt do anything to my metabolism. I lose weight when I dont eat as much and gain weight when I eat alot, like normal.

Yes im fat, risperdal for quite some time now, it’s really getting to be painful.

They wanted to try me on some other stuff but id rather not screw around you know, i don’t want to end up back in that hell if it goes wrong, and risperdal works great for my “symptoms”(they aren’t symptoms, not symptoms anymore than getting punched is a symptom of something).

Sure, id like to lose the weight, i just figured why risk it? My psychoses, if you want to call them that, almost killed me twice, why risk it?

Being “fat” is miserable. I am 70 pounds overweight and I want to be nutritionist. Go figure.

Received a Nutribullet for Christmas so I am doing 2 or 3 healthy drinks per day.

Need to cut out alcohol and get on my elliptical I bought 3 months ago. Sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago and it keeps getting re-twisted. bummer

Wish me luck in the new year ahead.


I would like to lose some weight. But it’s hard with the meds. I seem to be more active in winter than in summer lol I hate the heat and love the cold.

Loosing weight for me has become quite simple, its the 3rd time i lost weight. Now i am at my healthy weight. My secret is eat less, even i feel hungry, and hit the gym. Within 3 months i can loose 20lb.

Since I just started AP’s I may end up gaining weight this year, but if they work maybe i’ll be more interested in leaving the house and walking around town.