My diet is working

I weighed 251 lbs two weeks ago with all my clothes on. Today I weighed 234 lbs, that’s a loss of 17 lbs.
36 lbs to go.
And I never go hungry.


Congrats Nick! What kind of diet is giving you these fantastic results?

I need to lose around 20 pounds and my current diet isn’t working very well. I’ve lost 10 pounds and then sort of plateaued. And I DO go hungry lol. Not fun!



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Here’s an overview of my diet.

Here’s a review of the diet.

Good to hear you’re back on track.

Thanks chordy…

I try to lose also some weight but it is hard although I ride my bike a lot, basically I try to avoid eating any fat, sugar and meat, but still it is difficult. I think that my meds made me to gain 10 kilos, 22 pounds.

I’m on 8mg of resperidone and 1mg of cogentin and 300 mg of Welbutrin.

Love it! Its much more manageable and realistic than my current diet.

Thanks for the info Nick!




This is very good news. I’m glad you’ve found something that works. It does look very realistic. Thank you for posting this.

Keep up the hard work. Congratulations on how far you’ve come so soon.

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Thanks kidsis. Good to have you back.

You’re welcome Anthony.