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Hi and welcome. This is a good place.

Today is difficult. One thing I want to address that I feel like others could sympathize with is the feeling like you have to be responsible for what the voices say in some capacity. I assume the content of what I am hearing are all related to things I have experienced and intentionally observed. This stuff is all being recycled back into my head in a way. How do you guys feel about this?

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Hi and welcome! I have had schizophrenia for about 16 years now. My diagnosis keeps changing, but the symptoms have been the same. I haven’t had a single positive symptom in 2.5 years though. I found the right med combo for me, but it’s different for everyone, so keep a look out for what works for you.

Voices tend to say the things you’re most afraid of. For example, mine were really violent. I was scared for a while that this meant I was a violent person, but my therapist said it was just an indicator of what scared me most.

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That is helpful. I appreciate your feedback!

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Howdy @rdecker93!
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Hi @rdecker93, welcome to the forum! You’ll fit right in.

As for what worked for me, I take 6-12 mg Paliperidone and 0.5-1 mg Haldol, which are antipsychotics, and Amyloban 3399, which is a truly miraculous supplement for reducing positive schizophrenia symptoms, that has helped a handful of people on the forum already. It reduced my auditory hallucinations to ignorable faint whispers.

I brought your suggestions straight to my psychiatrist and I believe they are trying to implement them immediately. The paliperidone may take several weeks to be approved and the amyloban they are looking into but had not heard of. Thanks again!

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Hi and welcome to the forum. One question - how old are you? On the forum, we range in age all the way from teens to people like me who are in our 70’s.

Don’t ever feel you have to take responsibility for what the voices say, they can be dark and evil in the minds of otherwise kind and peaceful people. I liken it to having a nightmare. Everybody has nightmares now and then, even if they do their best to always think happy thoughts.

You just have to take responsibility for how you act upon hearing the voices. It’s a bit of a burden to hold onto voices and juggle real life at the same time, but it’s one you’ve got to bear if you want to live amongst the normies.

I am 26 years old.


I’ve done 30 treatments of rTMS and it 100% improved my mood.
It didn’t improve motivational deficits and low energy much though so I still gotta work on that.
I’ve largely recovered from positive symptoms since I got them 9 years ago. I get occasional voices like maybe once every few months for like 10 mins. I don’t take any aps at this time.
I might take lamictal later on.

I’d say agent is somewhat accurate about the 5-10 year window of recovery.

It’s a tough thing to beat you just gotta keep at it.




Welcome to the forum …hope u find and make some friends here

Welcome to the forum!!! I just started on the lowest dose of loxapine. Im going to keep increasing the doses. I’ll find out eventually if this med helps or not. I also take Celexa and Cogentin for side effects.

Welcome @rdecker93!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum lots of good people here. What’s your diagnosis

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Welcome to the forum.
Hope you enjoy it and are helped by it.

Schizoaffective disorder. I appreciate you saying that!

Yes, for me it did not seem to have any effect but I couldn’t say how it would effect someone else.

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I appreciate you saying that. Who’s Dinobot?