New here...the voices say hello

Hey people,

Just joined this forum, glad to have found it. Though I may be new to this forum I am not new to forums in general nor schizophrenia. Though I was diagnosed when I was 21 I did not actually begin to experience symptoms of psychosis until I was 23. I’m 31 now and am recently experiencing symptoms again after about 2 years of none at all.

What else? I also suffer from a pre existing anxiety disorder that at times is much, much worse than my schizophrenia. That began when I was 14 just before my first year of high school which was the first and only time I was hospitalized against my wishes…not that they haven’t tried since hehe.

Anyway, glad to have found this place and I look forward to posting here in the future as well as reading the posts of others and getting to know you all as much as that’s possible over the internet…



Welcome to the board

Hi! Welcome to the forums.

Welcome. Hope you like it here. (:

Welcome @mussel! I am new here too. So far I’ve had a really positive experience. :smiley:

Welcome! Glad you made it here.
This is a great site

Hey Welcome to this wonderful site

Welcome to the board! :slight_smile:

welcome to you and your polite voices.
me and my voices send our regards…
take care

“New here…the voices say hello”

Lol way to make an entrance LMFAO that was funny

Welcome and I hope you like it here and find some ideas and answers.

Greetings.:smiley: Love the humor

Welcome. What triggered your relapse if I may ask? I’m trying to prevent one from occurring and I want to get on a different medication or none at all.

^^Hey thanks all for the warm welcome.

@StarryNight: Wish I knew. No symptoms for two years and then three weeks ago I begin to notice that I’m concerned about people hearing my thoughts. A week later I’m beginning to have unwanted thoughts and now I’m going through this whole virtual telepathy thing again though since last night it’s been very minimal and rather peaceful. Wish I knew what caused it…it creeps up so subtly on me.

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The last time I went off medication for a long period of time was when I was 17, and it ended with a relapse and hospitalization. I was out of control. My moods switched a lot and I was erratic and upset. I recall at a retreat I went to on a farm I tried to overcome it but couldnt.

I kept getting angry at people over nothing and my thoughts were completely disorganized and chaotic. I felt threatened when an adult offered to teach me to drive and started crying and called him a ■■■■■■■. That’s not what I want. I’d dropped out of a private HS before that summer. My first symptoms set in as feeling like I woke up in a different existence. My teacher had a diabetic attack which didn’t help my paranoia. I tried to keep the mania and paranoia under control.

I kept spacing out, like in one instant all the students were in church and I was still in the school classroom. The principle tried to recruit this woman who visited. She would wait next to the school guidance counselor and for a week or so kept asking if I would see her. I kept refusing. She wanted to video tape me while I was doing schoolwork. The notion freaked me out and I got paranoid. My parents were sent a letter requesting permission for this study or whatever.

Then I dropped out of HS because I was so intimidated by that the illness and students. I really felt swallowed up in an endless space of confusion. When I get ill my first symptoms are exhaustion to the point of delerium, ear ringing, nightmares, and constant anxiety and fear. It doesn’t cause me to become violent it just makes me unravel until there’s nothing left of me.

But I’m not having those symptoms…it’s only been a month or 3 weeks. It took 6 months when I was 17 for the psychosis to fully return.

Welcome to the group! I hope you enjoy yourself here as much as I do :smile: I also experienced anxiety attacks since the beginning of High School, but they are less since I got diagnosed with SZ at the age of 18. I was sick for three years then remission for five years then it came back in 2012. I’m 30 now.

Welcome mussel. Hope u find support here. Xxx