I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia

I experience auditory hallucinations, voices both inside and outside my head. I hear people talking about me. I guess it’s not much of a shock to me as I’ve been dealing with these symptoms to worsening degrees for a year.



This place is quite special, I hope you find it to your liking.

Many of us also hear voices, me included. It’s nice to be able to talk here without worry of scaring a neurotypical.


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welcome to the forum.

hope it is a comfortable place to talk.
i have it too. yes both inside and outside my head. i find that medication and finding ways to cope is the best.

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I was kind of relieved to get my schizophrenia diagnosis. Also I wasn’t completely shocked either.

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Welcome to the club, such as it is. How have you been coping with the, er, party in your head so far?


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Well, I am used to it. Sometimes I feel like I something close to enlightened. But most of the time I feel stressed, stuck in flight or fight. The voices are usually derogatory. The medications keep me from going deeper into psychosis, but they don’t completely block out delusions like thought broadcasting or telepathy.


The meds are not working fully for me either.

Literally cannot stand being in my own skin a lot of the time

Perhaps therapy might help you?

I tried it, but they dx’d me with ASD and cut me loose.

That’s not to say it won’t work for other people.

Even if it helps you understand yourself in a deeper way to cope

My old psychiatrist said the effects of therapy should be very helpful, but he was relating to neuro-typical mind set


yes i have beliefs about thought broadcasting and telepathy i struggle with.

eelcome again.

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I’ve been out of therapy for a while, but I’m going to a therapist in a couple of days.

Welcome to the club! I have the same diagnosis.

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I hope you can work your way around the residual symptoms.

Best of luck with your appointment


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Welcome to the forum! I have the same issue with meds. Some of my problems went away with meds but others just linger. It’s exhausting

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