I try lose some weight, so difficult

I ride my bicycle daily, maybe I should start following ‘the concentration camp diet’ and eat few breads a day. What do you think? I suppose these antipsychotic meds make it difficult to lose weight.

I think the meds and poor motivation(possibly worsened by meds) make it doubly difficult.
Last time i tried i lost 6lbs in 12 weeks. It was very dispiriting as i worked out it would take over 3 years to reach a healthy weight.

I’ve gained 10 kilos since I started taking Abilify and quitting smoking made things even worse and gained 10 more kilos. I’ve been fighting my ever-increasing hunger for the past 2 and a half years but recently I’ve started to feel just fine and begun to eat less and less. So I’ve lost 6 kilos just by eating healthy.

I don’t know why I’ve lost that appetite but as my illness got better my focus has shifted to other things instead of food. Once Ive gotten used to not eating too much, it becomes a way of life.

Maybe in your case it has something to do with your medication so talk to your doctor first.

I topped out at 268 lbs. I went on a diet invented in France and got down to 195 lbs. The diet is mainly based on high-protein, low-carbs, vegatables, and non-fat dairy products. I didn’t follow some simple rules of the diet after I lost my initial weight and I gained a lot of weight back. Today, I weighed 240 lbs. Right now I am at the point where I am using up some unhealthy food left over from a shopping spree, three months ago. As soon as I finish 30 bags of Top Ramen, a box of pasta, some sugary cold cereal, and some canned goods, I will start over on the diet and this time I will not make the same mistakes. I should say here that it is well-known that yo-yo dieting is not good for you, maybe even dangerous.

My weight index is 28 and I try to get it down to 26. I am not too overweight, but I still want to lose weight. It is also good for my diabetes.

I gained 25 lbs from this stupid disease. I feel like I’ll never lose it. It might not be that much to some of you but I definitely have a gut now. Can’t see my pecker when I’m standing up.

Don’t do a crash or “cleanse” diet. The weight just comes back and it comes back in even worse places. It can ruin your figure.

I am so sick of failed “diets”. I am basically eating like a bird - (hardly anything) I hate formal exercise, but I am trying to walk my dog more, and have been doing so. I gave up on weighing myself for now, because it is frustrating. It looks as if I lost some weight, but man this is like torture

I have put on over 20kg in the last 2 years. I was a really skinny young guy - and I loved it. I hate the weight gain. We should be prescribed some weight loss meds - something small but which could help moderate and reduce the weight gain. I bet it would help reduce the diabetes rate for those on anti-psychotics as well.

Like there is a weight loss drug marketed as Alli which isn’t absorbed into the body - but basically blocks fat uptake in the intestine. I really think that the SZ patients should be given added flexibility to take it.


Eating improperly will negatively effect your metabolism.

Eating right and exercising more will work out better. There are a lot of websites aimed at making this easier for you. Healthy weight loss happens slowly. Losing it the right way will help you keep it off and allow you to feel your best.

Come on now. Like in fairness have you been on Zyprexia at 20mg. Seriously?

try eating two meals a day, and an extra salad if youre hungry. i lost almost 20 pounds this way.

I went from 240 TO 336 from meds… I’m currently on the Atkins Diet and I’m down to 313 in one month…

I have decided to eat fruits and vegetables. Basically I changed my diet so that I do not eat any fat, meat or sugar. This should help me to lose weight. I try also count calories, but I suppose bananas, apples, strawberries, corn, white bread and other food like that do not have much calories. I hope this will work.

Have you seen a dietitian? I don’t know how expensive it is, we have a training program for them at my school and they give you advice for free to give the seniors people to practice on, but you would probably only have to go once to get your calories for the day goal and then you can figure it out.
If you don’t want to do that you could try weight watchers. My Mom likes them and has had a lot of success.

Hey I’ll tell you something that worked for me. I had a nutrobullet and would make strawberry smoothies, just strawberries. Had 4-5 of them a day, they where only 75calories, went from 251, to 236 in three weeks. (Was still on meds at the time) didn’t workout. I’m younger so my metabolism might be better just trying to give you a suggestion.

I eat twice a day (if I remember) and get 0 exercise. I’ve maintained a relatively heavy weight for the past 2 years. Though when I took seroquel for 2 weeks, I gained about 10 pounds each week. So meds are a serious issue with me as far as weight gain goes, it’s keeping me from taking meds at the moment.

I would get more exercise except I don’t feel comfortable leaving my apartment very often. Also, my motivational problems block me from doing anything involving exercise.

The only thing I have going for me is that I don’t like food very much. I just easy to make the nausea and light headedness go away.