I'm legal to fish

I just got given a new fishing license. I’m legal to fish. I sort of fish by accident. I usually don’t bait my hook even.

I just like being out on the pier at dusk, with a line bobbing around in the water. The tide has leveled out and the beach is almost cleared out. Everything is quieting down.

I like to eat my sandwich, watch the sunset and watch the sky softly darken and see which stars come out first.

If I do catch a fish, it was purely by accident. It’s really not about the fishing. It’s being able to ponder without attracting attention.


I went to the riverbank park nearby for a walk this dusk. Thousands of willows are blooming this week so there are snow flake-like things in the air all along the long path and river. The soft sunlight shone in the sky and the river. A few people were walking their dogs.
A sweet spring evening.


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What a lovely sounding evening.

J. Was that a fish sandwich you ate?
Did you catch anything on your fishing pole? Would you keep what you caught? Or throw it back?
Just curious.

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I’m up for any excuse to ponder without people knowing :p.


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I have to admit, it’s usually a smoked salmon sandwich on light bread with some light dill mustard with avocado, and lettuce. My sis makes it all the time for me because Salmon is my favorite.

What I catch, I do throw back. You should see the look on people faces when I throw something big back.

If it’s little, it’s too little to eat and if it’s big, I don’t have the cojones to kill it.

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I went to the local state park this week where the fishing is great. I took two classes. One on local snakes and the other was about local plants. It was good to get out of my comfort zone for a little while and learn something new while meeting new people. I love fishing and hope to go back with my gear and fish the river. Catch and release. I get my fish from the supermarket. There is less chance of the fish being exposed to unwanted chemicals when it’s raised on a farm.

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I love to fish. But it seems cruel.Oh,well, I heard somewhere that fish don’t feel pain. Have you ever been deep-sea fishing?

I have not been deep sea fishing. I do like deep sea spotting. I tried some deep water scuba once and there was a harbor seal that would NOT leave me alone.

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Oh wow I didn’t know you needed a license to fish. But sounds like fun.

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When I lived in my auto in America I used my throw net to catch fishes.

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sounds like fun, i am hoping to get out onto the rivers fishing if i get my license and a car,

i will also need a permit for that but its free if its tidal waters here i think lol,

if i caught a big fish i would keep it because it gives the smaller fish a better chance of survival,

i love the thrill i get from hooking a fish, i have a couple of fly rods some spinners and boat rods and even a float rod that i loved fishing with for grayling in the winter lol.

i havent caught a fish for ages :frowning: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fish: lol

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I fished with my throw net in Keys in Florida, because I wanted to eat and so I did catch fishes and prepared these for my meals in a park near Hemingway’s house.


In Seattle the salmon are over fished so you have to have a license. It’s not much, about 7-10 dollars and you log in and type in how many you caught.

Since I never catch much I’m sure no one would care about me getting a line in the water. But having that 10 dollar slip of paper keeps the park guys off my case. Besides, the money goes to the fisheries and that helps save the salmon so I don’t mind.


This thread made me hungry lol. The weather is beautiful today and the cherry tree blossomed.