Went fishing this morning

and caught nothing but this amazing view.


That is beautiful ! Great picture.

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That is so gorgeous!!!

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It was probably worth it just for the view.

Thanks y’all!

Always is.

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Whereabouts is that! Looks so fresh

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Wow! It would be great to wake up to that view.

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Northern WI @Jimbob.

3 days until the season starts here in the uk.

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i hope to go fishing this season so if i catch anything i will post a picture if i can, i put all the little ones back and take the biggies so its catch and release so will take the barb off of the hook. i like fly fishing better :slight_smile: have a few rods but the line has memory so need to stretch it somehow lol

I’m strictly catch and release unless I’m hungry. Every fish I catch goes home with an alien abduction story.
It’s as cruel as I get I suppose.


Dat pic though! :heart_eyes:

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Ahahaha! Thank you for this


lol took me a bit to work that out haha

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I call fishing lures psychedelic fish toys.
Have you really looked at them?

Did you at least get a couple bites?

@77nick77. Nothing.

Too early. Would have had better luck ice fishing on the lakes.

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This was a flowage.

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What’s a flowage?