A good day today

Today I went to the mall by myself and went and bought some flies and spinners for trout fishing. I renewed my fishing license and went home after a long day, and put one of my old cheap flies on my fly rod that unravel and fished in my backyard. I don’t have any water I was just getting my technique back. I actually found it peaceful. Fly fishing in my pretend lake behind my house. I don’t care if I looked like an idiot I had fun and I’m excited to do it in real water.


oh man, i love fly fishing lol, it has been sooo long since i caught a fish and my mums cat gets hungry lol :fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :thumbsup:

A fellow lover of fishing. Wow. I was thinking I was the only one.

I renewed my fishing license a few months ago. I’m here on the coast and usually end up Salmon fishing.

I haven’t trout fished in a long time. I do like fly fishing too. I’m not as graceful as my middle brother. I’m trying to figure what I’m doing wrong. How are you doing with your fly fishing?

When I was a kid I used to tie a piece of string to a stick and fish for alligators in a muddy puddle.

I don’t think I would WANT an alligator coming towards me. I’ll stick with the sea creatures I know.

I’m doing good with my fly fishing, I’m planning on going this coming Sunday. I am excited I hope I catch something.

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